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Why does Peter cosplaying as Kevin from Captain N

check these nice peter/mj pics, the first one looks like Peter is taking fashion advice from the gamemaster, all he needs is the nintendo controller for a belt and the zapper and Mj should dress as Princess Lana. Damn everytime I looke at it, I dont see Peter, I see Kevin the game master taking pictures of MJ. Love the art.  Also, I love the clone saga 3rd cover. athough Peter looks like Shinji from Evangelion with muscles. 

Type your cut contents here.

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Look man, he didn't know Rei was a clone. And didn't she have like a small section of her DNA anyway? Making them almost distant cousins?

God Gendo was a douchbag

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I was upset cause he killed Ritsuko! I hope she and Misato live in the new movies. Also I hope the 60 something year old relic Tiffany Grant does NOT return for Asuka.

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Ritsuko was sort of a bitch though. I mean, she was controlled by Gendo in a way, but her actions to Rei were really fucked up.

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But she only destroyed the clones right? I still wonder why Gendo killed her. Come to think of it, when she's in her little research hole, she says "Mother I'll be with you soon." I guess that means she planned to die.
But the worst death....Anno killed Misato.

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Anno, for some odd reason, decieded to end the series in the worst, most unneeded depprisingly way. Shinji had been making major strides to be a hero in his own right, and break out of his passive shell. Rei had slowly been becoming more human thanks to Shinji, Asuka was actually being less of a bitch. Then Anno went "LET'S GO SAD" and fucked up everything.

Killing Misato was an out of nowhere "Fuck You" because she had always been the rock of funny, likeableness in an ocean of weird. Then Anno goes and fucks everyone out of all the development they had made AND THEN kills off the one light hearted part of the show.

I'm sorry but there's a major differnece between well done angst and "HA HA FUCK YOU AUDIENCE".
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A friend of mine shared a rumor with me that Anno, out of distaste for the studio that had shortchanged him for the back half of the episodes and for the unpleasable fans of the show, deliberately went off his antidepressants when it came time to make End of Eva.

I could believe it.

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I totally bevlieve this and I really lost all respect for him after that. Oh boo hoo, some fans are dicks. Guess what EVERY SHOW HAS THEM. Don't fuck over everyone else because you're a big baby.

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Nah, if you look at the Newtype materials and all the initial work-up stuff by Sadamoto, you can see that the series would have reached Instrumentality/Third Impact no matter what. Fans were mostly enraged by the last two TV episodes (the flashback/black stage shows), which weren't Gainax's fault since the TVTokyo had serious doubts about giving them more funds after the graphic "dismantling" of Touji's Unit-03.

Mind you, I think some of the graphic nature of the films was a bit of spite from people sending in fuck-tons of death threats to the studio. A bunch of outraged socially inept okatu threw a fit about a cartoon about a kid learning to make friends, interact with society and deal with the shit the world throws out. I'd be snippy, too, were I Hideaki Anno.

And considering that people are still paying for remakes and Evangelion merchandise a decade later, "don't fuck over everyone else" seems to be the exact wrong message to take from this. ^_-

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A bunch of outraged socially inept okatu threw a fit about a cartoon about a kid learning to make friends, interact with society and deal with the shit the world throws out. I'd be snippy, too, were I Hideaki Anno.

The problem is, the "learn to make friends, interact with society etc etc" aesop was a total Author Filibuster (I'm not linking to TV Tropes so I won't be responsible for your getting stuck there for hours ^^). It was confusing, out of the blue, incredibly anvilicious and patronizing, and gave no closure whatsoever to the series, leaving about a bazillion dangling threads and unanswered questions.

I'm not a socially inept otaku (why, yes, it is possible to read manga and watch anime and have friends and a life), but I still think Anno was incredibly unprofessional, to say the least. Or a whiny little bitch, to say what I actually think of him.