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Our new X-23 story arc opened with Julian and Logan talking about why Julian decided to go to Westminster. It was very awkward and hostile. Then.

(4 pages from X-23 #17; 4 pages from X-23 #18) )

I am very much fchoizefhziufhznffhniuxhzaduihauzdbxuycbgef love all this angst XD
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CosmicBookNews continues where we last left off. Jubilee was going for it with Laura.

One preview image behind the cut. Really.
the cut.

I'll be in my bunk.

Tender vittles. )

X-23 #10

May. 18th, 2011 11:37 am
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Gambit and Laura continue their world wide trip around the world after their misadventures in Madripoor with Daken.

Laura still has issues, and Gambit calls upon Logan for a chat. Someone we know and love comes along.

Now, spoilers for the last *two* pages in the image after the cut, and many a fantasy will be born.

After "the cut".


I guess context is necessary. It's not an attack.... well, not that kind of attack.

Necking. )
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Images behind the cut. )

creator: brian reed, creator: sana takeda, char: ms. marvel/carol danvers, char: mystique/raven darkholme, title: ms. marvel
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One page and one good idea from the end of Ms. Marvel. Contains spoilers for Captain Marvel: Secret Invasion
I would read more of this book )

Tag me with creator: brian reed, creator: sana takeda, title: ms. marvel
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check these nice peter/mj pics, the first one looks like Peter is taking fashion advice from the gamemaster, all he needs is the nintendo controller for a belt and the zapper and Mj should dress as Princess Lana. Damn everytime I looke at it, I dont see Peter, I see Kevin the game master taking pictures of MJ. Love the art.  Also, I love the clone saga 3rd cover. athough Peter looks like Shinji from Evangelion with muscles. 

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Previously, in Ms. Marvel, Carol Danvers went from randomly being a 4 person laser show (and also dead) to inexplicably being alive again. Naturally, this irritated Karla quite a bit and fighting ensues, until an old friend of Carol's suddenly appears...

Join me for an all-out, 3-way brawl in..


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