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Never Mess with Doctor Doom

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Never mess with Doctor Doom,unless you want your homeworld to be destroyed

In the other hand I love that Zombie Doom has not been consumed by the cannibalism,thus remaining the sinister sovereign that he is

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Aside from wanting to see Baboon Von Doom in a one-shot NOW, (and also know why Doom has caterpillars crawling across his mask), I'm impressed that Doom was able to shut down a Speedball's powers so effortlessly, say what you like about Speedball, his powers were always pretty overwhelming. But I suppose that Doom did have time to analyse Penance when he visited Latveria looking for Nitro.

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Thats Zombieverse Doom so I'd imagine those are supposed to be maggots.

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Wow, if only artists had something at their fingertips that would allow them to find pictures of what maggots actually look like. That would be awesome!

Can't imagine what such a resource would be called, though.

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Actually, Speedy was choked out in his first series. It's more common sense than cunning.

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Interesting... It surprises me a little since I'd have thought that anyone grabbing him is automatically giving him kinetic energy to work with which usually means "that's all she wrote".