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Ralph's Secret Origin & Adorable Dibny Fanart

I found this over at DevArt, midydoof is amazing!

And here is Ralph's Secret Origin. I think DC was publishing these in issues of 52 and some of Countdown. I wish they were still making them because I rather enjoyed them.

I really like Sue's short hair. I wish I wasn't a read head so I could pull that look off. D:

And a little subtle something extra. ^_^;

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I thought it was crap when I was first looking at it, though granted, I only read it after it was long over, in order to catch up. Maybe if it had a decent artist it might have seduced me, but it was even ugly to look at. Not to mention: I didn't really recognize these characters as the ones I knew. Ollie in particular seemed wrong.
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I haven't read but I've seen/heard enough to know how shit-astic the whole thing was. What did you think was wrong about Ollie?
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I just thought he came across as an utterly compromised shitheel. Though he didn't vote for the mindwipe, he defends it to Wally in amazingly hypocritical terms. Especially considering it's one guy who's very bad at shielding his identity(seriously, Ollie, everyone's just being nice) lecturing someone on that subject who doesn't hide his, even with a wife & kids.

I don't know. He just seemed to ring really wrong. Nobody Meltzer writes really seems like the character as I know them.
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Yeah, it's like he never thought the whole thing through, especially Ollie in that regard. Of course, he is a hypocritic, liberal ass hole but that's not his defining characteristic and something he follows to the letter all the time. It looks like Meltzer just saw this character who is obviously human and the most 'normal' of the hero bunch and decided to use him as a voice piece.
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I wouldn't agree on Ollie's liberalism, perhaps because I myself am a liberal. Thing about Ollie is that he's not like normal liberals by and large. He's more the "guilty rich man" type, which is one reason he's a lot more vehement than, in general, real liberals are. Ollie's main characteristic is not his liberalism. It's that he's trying to be what he considers moral and decent, but has pride in it to the point that he feels the right to lecture others, though he himself rather has feet of clay. Ollie is a good-intentioned loudmouthed hypocrite.

Which to some degree is what makes him most interesting as a character. In that he has the freedom in a story to fuck up as other superheroes do not.
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I see. Though I think that Denny O'Neil's GA/GL series create the modern presumption that Ollie is a liberal.
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He is, but he's not a typical one. And he's kind of a strawman stereotype oversimplified liberal. He's a rich man who "saw the light" and has the overzealousness of the convert. To the point of preaching.

I guess what I was really arguing with was what seemed(probably unintentionally) in your statement as though he were typical and that liberals are invariably assholes. For one, I'm not an asshole. For another, it's not liberals I've seen lately publicly shouting down cripples and people with dead children, so I wouldn't say it's the right word either.
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Yes, it was unintentional. I'm aware that most liberals aren't assholes, since most of the community in SD are liberals so I know that they aren't all assholes. Plus, how one person acts or talks does not represent of how everyone else acts, I know that much.