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Amazing Spider-Man #623-624: Peter Reaps What He Sows

New York, NY (March 1, 2010) – Marvel Comics has two words to say to Spider-Man’s alter ego Peter Parker -- You’re Fired! Beginning in Amazing Spider-Man #623, on-sale March 3rd, everyone’s favorite friendly neighborhood hero has to not only survive key arch nemesis Vulture’s reign of terror…but also losing his job at the Mayor’s office! Peter Parker lays it all on the line to protect J. Jonah Jameson and keep the city from ripping itself apart, but Peter’s sacrifice winds up costing his career as a photographer.

But when you can’t pay the bills, how’s a Super Hero supposed to buy web-fluid and fix his costume? Spider-Man’s about to learn that with great power and great responsibility comes the great need to be employed -- which isn’t so easy when you’re blacklisted in New York City!

“Peter Parker’s been through some rough times lately, with all of his deadliest foes returning, and he couldn’t lose his job at a worse time” said Senior Editor Steve Wacker. “He’s going to struggle with unemployment and trying to save the city while he can barely afford to keep a roof over his head.”

The intrigue starts in Amazing Spider-Man #623 with the shocking next installment, Amazing Spider-Man #624, spinning into stores just one week later – March 10!

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Once again, Mary Jane looks like a 14-year old girl playing dress-up. A sign that said "Unemployment office," or, even better, "Department of Labor" would have made more sense than one that said "unemployment benefits," which are actually sent through the mail in New York City.
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An obviously handwritten sign, no less. What is this, the Great Depression?
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He thinks that he's going to get unemployment benefits, but he's actually going to be turned into one of Ezekiel Stane's Zobos, in preparation for the Iron Man/Spider-man crossover in June
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That's a relief. I was expecting an old man with magic semen in there...
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Don't you watch the news? This recession is obviously the second great depression. The media wouldn't be trying to pointless scare us would it?
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Or, you know, you could GO ON THE INTERNET.

That's how it works for me, anyway. And I'm in Alabama. Surely New York has something at least equally high tech.