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A Very Magneto Family Reunion

First post on the new community and what do I put up? A fan comic. Guess I'm a bad contributer. But, hey, it is about one of the Marvel's universe's favorite horribly over-complicated mutant families!

I've been commenting here for a few months now and just realized I haven't contributed much outside of snarky comments. Decided to go light for my first post and put up a little fan-comic I did.


The art isn't my best and I had to cut it into thirds and stack it to make it fit. Oh well. If you're interested in more of my stuff, then here's a link to my stuff

I always liked the fact that Magneto is very closely connected to a large amount of the Marvel Universe. Can't draw the Vision to save my life.

I was going over the guidelines for posting and realized this might count as too self-indulgent, so I'm including a relevant page I had in one of my folders. It is from the Son of M series, which was pretty good. (If I screwed up on anything, just tell me and I'll fix/delete this page.)


Poor Luna. That girl has a rough life ahead of her, assuming Marvel doesn't go all Cry for Justice on us.

Suggested tags: char: magneto/erik magnus lehnsherr char: wiccan/billy kaplan char: scarlet witch/wanda maximoff char: quicksilver/pietro maximoff char: polaris/lorna dane char: ant-man/wasp/hank pym char: ultron char: hulkling/teddy altman char: luna maximoff

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Does Xorn's brother Xorn pretending to be Magneto pretending to be Xorn get to come?
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I... don't know? Maybe?