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Batman Confidential #28 - SPOILERS

Damn, this was a fun arc!

Sorry if some of this looks choppy, but it's broken up to 1) stay within the posting limits and 2) preserve some of the mystery, as well as the cool reveal in the last couple of pages of the book.

So, of course, Eddie takes the opportunity to clock Batman while he has the chance...

...and fumbles the rescue, because there's only so far you're allowed to upstage Batman when his name's on the cover of the book.

But at least they make up in the end. Kinda.

BTW, those last couple of pages that I'm not showing? They make me really, REALLY want to see this team do more with this Tut guy.

I've really enjoyed the fun story and fantastic art in this arc. This one's worth your money, folks.
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My LCS was sold out! I'll have to check the other one on my way to work tomorrow :(