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My favorite comics friendship is among Emma Frost's second Hellions: specifically Cessily Kincaid (Mercury) and Julian Keller (Hellion). Neither of them are really in the spotlight right now, so we don't really get moments between them anymore, but I'm a big fan of their relationship back in the day.

The thing about these two is that they have this great brother-sister vibe. They watch out for each other, they joke, they fight, they lean on each other when their friends are dying (listen, it's tough to be an X-Kid, what can I say), etc., and there's no romantic undertone. When Hellion hangs out with Mercurt, he's actually a nice guy. It halfway makes me want to ship the two of them.

The truth is that the connection between all of the Hellions (Mercury, Hellion, Tag, Rockslide, Dust and Wither--and X-23, even though she was never officially a Hellion) have with each other is something special. (Which is funny because it seemed like at the beginning of New X-Men that the guys we were supposed to identify with were the New Mutants, and the Hellions were supposed to be antagonists.)

Anyway, here are a few moments that showcase their friendship:
Under the cut. )
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Title: Frenemy of the State #1 (Oni Press, 2010, 22 pages)
Creators: Christina Weir, Nunzio DeFilippis, Rashida Jones (story) and Jeff Wamester (art)
Availability: On sale now

What if one of the "famous for being famous" girls actually had a brain in her head under that cover of self-centered obliviousness? And was pretty good at using it? And was pressed into service as a spy meant to infiltrate the lives of the rich-and-infamous?

The recruiting scene might look something like this. )

There's also a preview up at CBR.

I'm still on the fence about whether or not to tradewait. On the one hand, I am finding this fun so far, I'm curious about what's coming up next, and I trust the creative team to make the story worth picking up as it comes out. On the other, I find that a lot of espionage stories do read better as a collection than as a monthly, and there is the whole matter of buying the story twice over. I'll give it one more issue before I decide.
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Ah, because I seem to be a sucker for blond female archers I wanted to post something with Cissie because I love her. Who doesn't, right? So here we go.

4 & a half-ish pages from Teen Titans Secret Files )

char: arrowette/cissie king-jones (Couldn't find a tag for her) char: wonder girl/cassie sandsmark, group: teen titans, publisher: dc comics, creator: christina weir, creator: nunzio defilippis, creator: todd nauck
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Damn, this was a fun arc!

Sorry if some of this looks choppy, but it's broken up to 1) stay within the posting limits and 2) preserve some of the mystery, as well as the cool reveal in the last couple of pages of the book.

BTW, those last couple of pages that I'm not showing? They make me really, REALLY want to see this team do more with this Tut guy.

I've really enjoyed the fun story and fantastic art in this arc. This one's worth your money, folks.
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Title: Batman Confidential #27 (monthly)
Length: 23 pages
Posted 'Cuz: Too Awesome To Not Pimp*

A couple of days back, mysteryfan linked to DC's five-page preview of Batman Confidential here. Go on, check it out if you haven't already. No hurry.

So I picked up my copy of the book this afternoon and settled down, skimming the first five pages because, you know, I'd read them already.

Let me say, page six justifies the book's cover price. Spoiler beneath. )

Please give DC your $2.99. I want this creative team to be brought back to make more awesome.

*I'm not sure if this is in violation of the "four pages, max" rule for recent comics, since the above is an off-site link to an official preview, not an actual post to the comm. I'll take this down if so.


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