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So, I kind've dropped all my other posts during Holiday Times, and took some time to recover from it (mostly due to a Phoenix Wright binge), but after a certain subpar release of his his week, I really needed something better of Rucka's to read and share (this'd be so much easier if my LCS would actually get in Stumptown already).

So let's enjoy 'Tec #'s 758 & 759, written by Greg Rucka, with art by Shawn Martinbrough and Steve Mitchell! (7 1/3 pages from each) )

Next time, Sasha runs the same gantlet to be expected of any of his street-level types, teaming up with Huntress!

Also, just a reminder, if you're planning to contribute to the Scans_Daily Boom De Yada Project, or you need to back out for any reason, I've received a number of submissions already, but there are so many still missing!

suggested tags:
char: batman/bruce wayne, char: sasha bordeaux, char: question/renee montoya, char: spectre/crispus allen, creator: greg rucka, creator: shawn martinbrough, title: detective comics, publisher: dc comics
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So, [personal profile] sailorlibra requested some Sasha Bordeaux a while back, and I've finally gotten off of my lazy ass to do something about it. The way I see it, I've got about four posts worth of material from Rucka's first run on Detective Comics without derailing any future posts I have planned, which will have the added benefit of serving as a springboard for a future series of posts from Checkmate, as requested by [personal profile] ghosty732.

But enough of that, to the comics! And as I figure, there's no better place to begin then, well, the beginning. So, we're looking at seven pages from 'Tec #751, and a little bit from #752 )

Next time, Jim Gordon's retirement party! Featuring Sasha getting suspicious, my favorite Two-Face seen ever, and me pulling my hair out trying to cut it all down to page limits!

also, i think this is my first full post since the move
(Animal Man wasn't full, and Scans De Yada doesn't count since there weren't enough comics; By the way, if you're planning to contribute, I'm still waiting on a number of submissions!)


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