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Some people probably think that there should be more action, but when we get finished with this Kabbala storyline around #24, there will be action and the readers will then wish there wasn’t so much. -- Alan Moore

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I also had an experience with a demonic creature that told me that its name was Asmoday. Which is Asmodeus. And when I actually was allowed to see what the creature looked like, or what it was prepared to show me, it was this latticework…if you imagine a spider, and then imagine multiple images of that spider, that are kind of linked together–multiple images at different scales, that are all linked together–it’s as if this thing is moving through a different sort of time. You know Marcel Duchamp’s “Nude Descending a Staircase”? Where you can see all the different stages of the movement at once. So if you imagine that you’ve got this spider, that it was moving around, but it was coming from background to foreground, what you’d get is sort of several spiders, if you like, showing the different stages of its movement.

Now if you imagine all of those arranged into a kind of shimmering lattice that was turning itself inside out as I spoke to it, and I was talking to my partner at the time and sort of saying, This thing’s showing us it’s got an extra dimension I haven’t got, and it’s trying to tell me that it’s good at mathematics. It’s vain. There’s something fourth-dimensional about this. This is all stuff I was actually saying at the time, while I was having the experience, which was pretty extreme.

Anyway. Over the next couple of weeks I started researching Asmodeus and found out that actually, yeah, he’s the demon of mathematics.

-- Alan Moore

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I was still committed to progress, which I think was evidenced by some of the very experimental things we did in Tomorrow Stories with Greyshirt and Cobweb, some of the incredibly experimental things we did in Promethea, which I think pushed the capacities, the capabilities, of a flimsy comic book about as far as I have ever personally pushed them. Some of the things we did on Promethea were so smugly clever that I'm still basking in the radiance three or four years later. -- Alan Moore

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When I actually started writing Promethea from the initial proposal, I think I'd written between four and eight pages and then just had to tear them up, because it didn't have any of the life or vitality I wanted, which I added to the strip partly by talking with Jim Williams and coming up with a wildly different vision of New York, and partly by throwing in seemingly irrelevant, absurdist elements, like the Weeping Gorilla posters, the Five Swell Guys... those things added to the mix seemed to make the thing, give it a freshness, an originality and a life. -- Alan Moore

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Out this week, and I'd forgotten about it, is the first issue of "Sandman: Overture", as Neil Gaiman returns to his most extraordinary creation.

From CBR's preview and interview

Neil Gaiman and JH Williams III? Welp, that's me sold!

And one of his creepiest creations makes an appearance )


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