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You remember the Imposter arc that kicked off last August in Detective Comics, right?

Well, around that time, some people picked up on UK retailer listings indicating that one Gotham City Imposters was due for a January release, PS3/360/PC.

It's what leading me to wonder if today's announcement, courtesy of a presser from WB Interactive, is creatively linked in any way..

That announcement being Gotham City Imposters, the multiplayer FPS.. yes, that's right. An FPS in the Batman IP. )
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From Batman Confidential 7
Four Pages )

title: batman confidential
creator: michael green
creator: denys cowan
creator: john floyd
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Last week's post on Harvey's sides(s) in NIGHTWING: THE GREAT LEAP provoked some absolutely awesome discussion, which was so great to see after all the work I put into that'un. I realize that most of these posts are catering to a specific niche, and will usually just get a handful of comments.

But hey, I love the character. And besides, when it comes to being the best damn comics-discussion community in the world... well, what can I say? I believe in [community profile] scans_daily.

That said, this week's entry is gonna be much lazier. No essays or opinion pieces, just a sampler from two Harvey-centric short stories, both of which s_d old-timers will remember from the original community. In the first one, Harvey and his old buddy Commissioner "Jimbo" Gordon briefly reunite to track down none other than "Boss" Moroni himself (still alive in this story, natch).

In the second, Harvey fights a werewolf in Arkham. Because really, why not?

Unusual Two-Face pairings behind the cut! )
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Anyone know more about the upcoming arc? Royal McGraw's apparently written some fills on Detective, and the Commissioner Gordon tie-in to BftC (almost got it, but ultimately didn't), anyone can vouch for him?
Then Marcos Marz is on art. Looks like he's done some fills on 'Tec, Nightwing and Ms. Marvel, but the part that worries me is he also did that ugly looking Trials of Shazam story in the Infinite Holiday Special.

Ehh, but it has Zinda in it, so maybe it'll be worth a look?


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