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In 2001, Kevin Smith brought Green Arrow/Ollie Queen back from the dead in Quiver. At the same time, he gave us the wonderful and crass Mia Dearden. Mia became Speedy under Judd Winick's pen, right after she found out she was HIV positive.

Mia is also the sole HIV positive character in comics who has not died due to the disease. The other two were Jet and Jim Wilson. Both died.

Some top trade paperbacks to check out with Mia featured in them include:
Green Arrow: Quiver (essential as this is her intro and features her origin/backstory)
Green Arrow: Sounds of Violence
Green Arrow: The Archer's Quest
Green Arrow: Straight Shooter
Green Arrow: City Walls (somewhat essential as she kills a man)
Green Arrow: Moving Targets (essential as this is the trade paperback that features Mia finding out that she's HIV positive)
Green Arrow: Heading into the Light
Green Arrow: Road to Jericho
Green Arrow & Black Canary: The Wedding Album

She also appears in the Green Arrow/Black Canary title, but uh, yeah. She's good in it! but the other characters not so much... :)

Mia and Lian storytime )


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