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"Here’s the thing, the original Catman had a long history and most of it was as a cheap Batman knockoff who never accomplished anything. That made him a bit of a lovable loser, and I enjoyed that tremendously.

My thinking here is, what if Blake is actually the LEAST screwed-up person on the team? He’s a bit younger, a bit less history, but he’s been through an extraordinary ordeal and it’s left a crack in his armor a mile wide. It’s made him MORE dangerous.
" - Gail Simone

Writers: Gail Simone
Artist: Ken Lashley
Inkers: Ken Lashley & Drew Geraci
Colorist: Jason Wright

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Love it or hate it (I sadly lean toward the latter of the two), Gail Simone's impact on post-2000s DC is immeasurable. It was she who made the Birds of Prey soar out from under the shadow of the Bat; she who finally gave Bane some manner of dignity and characterization to lift him out of his post-Knightfall slump; and she who took several villains that no one remembered anymore, assembled them all under the name of an equally forgotten team, and made both awesome beyond imagination.

All told, there are probably a hundred other accomplishments to her name, but there is one that remains of particular interest to me: what is arguably the most badass Mad Hatter appearance in the history of DC.

(Okay, so there's not really much competition, but still.)

It's a moment that's been talked about quite a few times on S_D, but I find it sadly unposted (perhaps a victim of the Great Purge?). So I present it here, in all its creepy glory.

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Yesterday was the Los Angeles screening of the 6 minute prologue for The Dark Knight Rises for reporters and journalists, and of course, the web monkeys over at Batman-News got a hold of the detailed description of Bane's first appearance.



All I have to say is, we have a week to find out how 'bad ass' this intro is. For those of you who don't know, the 6 minute prologue premieres next weekend with Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol at select IMAX theatres. :}

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Ok, it's the pink elephant in the room.

Let's talk about it.

The book closes out in style.

The team that never backs down.... and never wins.

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Hey So i posted that twitter conversation I had with Gail Simone earlier this morning and thought you guys would like to see it.

as usual comments, likes, rebloggs welcomed.

for legality

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Hey guys, I know that a lot of us are huge fans of Secret Six. How would you like to see it keep going?

Right now, there's TWO different campaigns in motion to help DC realize that Secret Six is a title worth saving!

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Long Live Secret Six!
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Gail Simone has confirmed it.


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Hi ho, 2 pages from Secret Six #33 here. You'll recall that when a preview page was posted showing Catman's reunion with his d-bag of a father in Hell, Papa Blake begged Tom to save him from a mysterious "she" who comes to torture him afresh every day. Betting on who the "she" is was pretty evenly split between Mama Blake and the lioness Papa Blake killed.

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In other news, I continue to desire a Catman plushie doll. :D
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Continuing my irregular series showcasing the many costumes worn by Black Alice, seen here, and here, as well as this post by [personal profile] gargoylekitty, which has a couple that I didn't post as I hadn't read the issue, and this one by [personal profile] icon_uk which kicked the whole thing off.

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So, there you have it...part three of The Many Looks of Black Alice. Random single panels from Secret Six 25, 29, and 30, and Teen Titans 84, 85, and 87.


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