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Just a Thanksgiving get-together

There are a lot of excellent parts (the Carter/Ollie fight, how Powergirl punches a drunk Wildcat out of the window) but I only posted the Batman ones . I know it's not thanksgiving yet, but this was such an nice issue  that I couldn't resist posting it.

These are 7 pages from Justice Society of America # 54.

Oh, gotta love that smile. He could have  shaved, though, but I guess he doesn't care. After all it's not like he wants to be there.

Actually, it's Pieter/Doctor Mid-Nite who covers the monitor duty. With Dinah, which makes the situation awkward because she's just ditched him to be with Ollie, who's also attending the meeting (actually, he's the only one not wearing his costume). Batman tries to take over monitor duty but he's forced to go back to "enjoy" the food. Which of course, puts him in a bad mood.

Barging into a JLA/JSA meeting AND messing up PowerGirl's hair? Oh, guys, you're so gonna regret this.
33 minutes of super beating can really last a lifetime.

And just because I like the food+Batman theme, here is one of the rare bat-related pages from BiggerThanCheese.

Gotta admit that I'd cry too if I had to eat brussel sprouts...
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Batman doesn't like breadsticks.
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Or chocolate ice cream.