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The More You Know! The Beta Ray Bill edition

Greetings True Believers!

As you probably already know, Beta Ray Bill is one of the most awesome Marvel characters that ever awesomed.

But did you know he's been animated several times?


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[personal profile] schala_kid2011-04-12 06:06 pm

The scrapped issue cover for Supergirl #62

The cover to the story that could have been. Remember that Steph was going to team up with Kara and Damian (and later Jaime) apparently they didn't include other characters as well. Posted by Amy Reeder on her twitter and facebook.

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Great news if you're pining for Chris Samnee's "Thor the Mighty Avenger" & pics from "Batman Live"!

Remember this fun cancelled series?

Yeah, I think we all do. :(

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And from The London Evening Standard we have the first pictures of the cast of the new Arena show "Batman live", which launches in London in August then goes on a world tour.

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Relevant to our interests, I think

I know a specific few who will be joining me in a well-earned flail at this one.

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Taking a theme a little TOO far; Hawk and Dove #23

I'll say from the start, as I've said before, that I love the Kesels' "Hawk and Dove" run, Hank and Dawn were great characters, the supporting cast was fun, they went to some interesting places and developed the concept of Hawk and Dove in ways the original series never managed.

I ALSO love themed villains, those whose obsession takes control of their lives and emerges in some warped form of criminality or lifestyle. The Riddler, the Serpent Society, hell, even the Death Throws (The Multiverse's only homicidal criminal team of... umm... jugglers)

Now even bearing both those facts in mind, I have to admit that sometimes things can be taken a little far, an amusing verbal tic becomes so irritating that you just want to scream at the people on the page to STOP IT!!

Case in point.... from 1991, Hawk and Dove

That's one heck of a melodramatic title isn't it? "Input: Action.... Output: DEATH!" (Dun-dun-DUNNNNNNN!)

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Filipino Heroes League: Sticks and Stones preview

So in line with the upcoming Saturday release of the Filipino Heroes League graphic novel, the creator released a full preview up on their blogspot.

And I gotta say it is looking pretty sweet.

Basic summary:

Superheroes were the crowning glory of the post-WW2 Philippines,, most especially the task force of the FHL or Filipino Heroes League. Nowadays, the FHL are a small, underpaid set of not-so-super superpowered individuals, barely even taken seriously--until they are framed for a string of high-profile murders and become fugitives from the government.

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