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Brightest Day 14

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Then Boston gets shot and has a sort of "This is your Life Boston Brand" type of moment and says that he doesn't want to die he wants to live so the ring goes back to him.

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Hmmm, you raise good points. Honestly, myself, since Hank got the vision of catching the boomerang... I got it that he'd catch the Boomerang with his own BODY. And I felt that he'd be given scenes in BoP later on where he confronts all of the messed up stuff he's done.

But he's very up in the air, I could easily see him surviving this and them trying to sweep everything under the retcon rug. I think you are looking at this with a much more "DC" perspective, so they'll probably go with what you're saying. You're right in that they DO need a Hawk and a Dove.

Oh, and about all of this "people get down in dangerous situations" -- well, since we're doing situational sexuality in comics, why aren't more Amazons showing open make out sessions!? Why isn't Wondy openly bi under every writer? Why is there not tons of experimentation in mostly-girls or mostly-guys environments? Why aren't more Corpsmen in the GLC hooking up for brief physical encounters -- or ones with weird looking aliens?

Why do only the heteros get the poorly written "situations bring out the passion in two people" scenes? :( Other folks need badfic too.
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"Why aren't more Corpsmen in the GLC hooking up for brief physical encounters -- or ones with weird looking aliens?"

I can actually explain that one. Biochemical boundaries and incompatible alien genetalia between the two and the close ties between emotion and their powers relationships between lanterns are very dangerous and consequently rare. The human lantnerns have just been lucky idiots so far.
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....I always wondered if the Corps had casual orgies.......I mean, the way being a GL used to be treated as a religious committment, and how they're so isolated by space patrolling, the only people who really could understand them and keep them company are the rest of the Corps.

I know this sounds out there, but you read the old, old Corps stuff and they get practically kissy face when meeting and devastated at the idea of leaving each other.