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The book came out over a month ago and only the Wondergirl (Cassandra) story was posted as far as I could see so I'm posting a bit more from it since it had a bunch of stories inside.

Animal Man had a 12 page story in the book and I'll be posting 3 from it

Lyssa Drak had a story on her which was 6 pages and I'll be posting 2.

Animal Man: White Lantern, Black Lantern and... Lyssa Drak and friend )

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Four pages from Brightest Day #3, featuring Mera and her husband.

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Not particularly spoilery if you've read issue one already )

recommended tags - char: mera, char: aquaman/orin/arthur curry, title: brightest day, event: brightest day, publisher: dc comics, creator: geoff johns, creator: peter tomasi
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Three pages from GL #54 under the cut.

Visions and stars, oh my! )

Suggested tags: title: green lantern, creator: geoff johns, creator: doug mahnke, char: ion/sodam yat, char: parallax, char: predator, char: sinestro, char: star sapphire/carol ferris, char: green lantern/hal jordan, publisher: dc comics, event: brightest day

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Brightest Day #1 is out this week, and while the jokes have already been made about the White Power rings supposedly shipped with it, the book itself displays some very troubling racial politics.

About four pages behind the cut )
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Four scans from Brightest Day #1.

Spoilers, yeah )

tags - char: aquaman/orin/arthur curry, char: mera, title: brightest day, publisher: dc comics, creator: geoff johns, creator: ivan reis


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