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OK gang, it's time for LOSH #23, "Aftermath," and you all know what THAT means....

 photo p2_LOSH-23_preview.jpg

On the upside, we do get lovely Kevin Maguire art for Aftermath. If you've ever wanted to see what Maguire could do with Bouncing Boy - and if not, why not?!? - this ish is your chance.

Everything since the crash is a cauchemar. )

And that's it until some other creator decides to reopen the toybox. Long Live the Legion!
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I first got to know the mighty Gene Colan's work in 1982 through his work on a little horror/super-team mashup book of DC's called Night Force. Looking around all week, alls I could find was #8, a two-story issue with the first half devoted to wrapping up the first long story arc, and the second to launching the next. I've picked out the cover and four pages of the second 12-page story for your perusal.

The Night Force was directed from the shadows by mysterious mystical a-hole Baron Winters, from one of those lovely, spooky manses that seem to crop up in Manhattan specifically to meet the needs of dudes like this. We spend the first few pages getting to know criminal scumbag Paul Brooks, on the run from the flatfoots and dropping innocent bodies in his wake. Meanwhile, Sylvia Conrad is explaining to the Baron the nightmare that life in her formerly lovely brownstone apartment has become, ever since the night she saw a falling star...

Beast! )
I love how Colan's people are all ordinary people in this series, of all ages, races and styles, and they all wear street clothes - well, OK, the Baron wears the Gothic A-hole version of street clothes, but still, nary a hard body or a spandex covered ass in sight.
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The Dollhouse: Epitaphs one-shot came out this week, and thanks to the joys of insomnia, I'm bringing you four pages from it plus a lovely Phil Noto variant cover.

You may recall I posted a bit of the mini-comic that came in the Dollhouse season 2 box set back here, and it wouldn't hurt you to have another look at that since the first few pages of the one-shot are a repackaging of those scenes. From there we move on to "Two weeks later," and Maggie and Griffin decide they and an older man have to move out from their building and find other survivors. It's bad, and the older man makes the mistake of approaching a fireman for help. The fireman rips his throat out, but shots from a Hummer kill the fireman, and the driver - Zone - rescues Maggie and Griffin.

Trust no one. )

So what y'all think? Got potential?
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Ladies and germs, in my travels this weekend I picked up a copy of Batman #273. Herewith I post the cover of said issue.

Ernie Chua knew what he was doing when he drew this, didn't he? I mean, he had to. Right? right?

Surprise - oh, that's just too easy. )
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Just found this on Chris Samnee's Deviant art account

Bromance, Asgard style... )

creator: chris samnee, title: thor the mighty avenger, char: thor odinson/donald blake, char: volstagg, medium: cover, genre: previews

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Just a short entry to let you know that legendary illustrator and comic artist Frank Frazetta passed away today. His comic credits included various EC Comics series, Shining Knight, Vampirella and even Little Annie Fanny.

For me personally, his absolute mastery of human anatomy is a major inspiration. As he tells the story, an illustrator he was working for when he was young lent him an anatomy book. In one night he copied every single illustration out of it and gave it back the next day, saying "Thank you very much, I've learned my anatomy." But of course it didn't end there, and for the rest of his career he continually studied it and worked at it. It's that sort of dedication I admire absolutely.

For legality, here's one of his iconic Vampirella covers.

vampity vamp )
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Since [personal profile] northstarfan recently gave us a brief look at what's happening in The Unwritten #12 (and despite the fact that since "unwritten" still describes, for the moment, one of my papers for this semester), I thought I'd do a post about what Mike Carey and Peter Gross have in store for us for next week and the two months after that.

ETA: The images should be displaying correctly now.

Three pretty covers and their solicits under the cut )

For all trade-waiters (and trade collectors!) out there, The Unwritten Vol. 2: Inside Man (which collects issues 6-12) has been solicited for August 11. I'm looking forward to it very, very much. ♥

suggested tags
creator: mike carey, creator: peter gross, creator: yuko shimizu, title: the unwritten, publisher: vertigo, char: tommy taylor, genre: solicitations, medium: cover
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Retconning "Messiah CompleX" ever so slightly to over expose Deadpool a little more, Deadpool & Cable #25 (which is really just Cable #25) hits the stands today. But you guys already know that, so I just wanted to discuss this atrocity )
Suggested tags:
char: nathan summers/cable
char: wade wilson/deadpool
creator: rob liefeld
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I found this while looking for an image to place on the previous post, and can't believe we haven't talked about it. Stephen Lindsay's website has the covers of this indie comic. Some covers are gorgeous, so I will post them behind the cut. And no, this is not an April Fool's thing.

Sacrilege and crack with Easter flavor. )


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