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Secret Six #9

Picking up from the preview we finally see the unholiness mentioned in the solicits.

Oh gods. I'd completely forgotten the warning so when I turned the page I just kind of sat there for a moment registering the image. Then I laughed.
It only gets better, of course.

Though it's not all fun and Robin!Ragdoll discovering what words can be made to sound perverse, this is the Battle for the Cowl issue after all. So there is some discussion of said 'cowl'.

And even a visit from one of the more appropriate contenders for it.

You just know you want to know how that goes and how they got there, yes? ;p

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Something tells me icon_uk will go into some sort of shock-induced coma after he sees that picture of Ragdoll dressed up as Robin.

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I'M getting a shock-induced coma, and I am not that big a Ragdoll fan. I am in awe.

You know that hero pose Nightwing has right now? It will all fall apart as he beholds Ragdoll/Robin.
He will do what I just did... stare and say "No... just no.... no....... no......" as the brain malfunctions, Bat training or no Bat-training.

This was AWESOME!

I wonder what Alfred would say if he saw RagRobin?

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Are you kidding, I'm laughing my ass off with this, it's


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Actually, I'm tempted to ask if Nicola Scott sells her original art? :)

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If you find out, let us know.

I'm hoping she does customs or sketches. XD