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thank you, emma

In Generation Hope #14, Hope and the Lights found a mind-wiped (by Emma) Sebastian Shaw in Pakistan and brought him to Utopia.

He's welcomed with open arms, obviously.

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Hope and Quentin Quire should hang out and hook up imho. Hot couple, Just Jared Jr material.

Other stuff is happening to the Lights that don't matter in this issue as well, btw.
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Emma did murder people and a horse. But at least she didn't telepathically control her teammates in order for Cable to be right about something. That's basically Hope's defense for mind-controlling her teammates. She would rather control their minds than have Cable's death be (somehow) meaningless. Yeah, I don't get it either. If Cable was wrong about Hope being special he was wrong about everything?

Emma did do some mind-control to protect Generation X from Onslaught, but that was more protecting them from a boring crossover and an enemy they couldn't fight than anything else.