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Dark Horse Presents #8 - The Beasts of Burden

When I found out that the Beasts of Burden had another story added to this latest collection from Dark Horse comics, I had to get it. Ok, not true, I wanted the follow up to what happened to Hellboy once members of the B.P.R.D. found out he had died, but out of all the stories this one got me good.

Beautiful art, wonderful storytelling, real characters that I care about, and honest-to-Roth emotion that changes from page to page. Love, friendship, joy... and horror.

Grab the hankies, and keep your loved pets close to you after this one. Just don't squeeze them too tight.

The wise dogs are out on patrol around the town of Burden Hill, and they have come upon this flock of sheep in one of the green meadows. The sheep look lost, but also seem to have no scent, so the team investigates, hoping to direct these poor creatures to a place where they will be better cared for. They are greeted gently as most lambs do, but they are set upon by the sheep herder dog, Ben. The sheep hold back Ben, saying that the collective dogs and cat from the beasts of burden mean them no harm. Ben scouts on ahead for the sheep to follow. Since they are just "passing through".

I'll stop my rambling here. I know I am not doing this story justice. Let the art speak for itself.

And then they take young pup Jack (who can channel the dead) back to his home to recover from his trauma. And we see what the dog saw.

For all the beauty around it, that image is all the more terrible.
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I love Beasts of Burden, but it breaks my heart every goddamn time that I read it.

Anyone remember the ending to the issue involving the lake full of ghost puppies? :(