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Tony's Super-Ex-Girlfriend

Four from Invincible Iron Man #15.

Tony and Pepper are hanging out in his secret Russian base, but Madame Masque is on their trail...

The moral of the story: don't date women who look like Doctor Doom.

Also, Tony needs to grow his moustache back already; just doesn't look right otherwise.

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I'm a huge fan of contextual costuming.
Fighting in high heels is okay if the rest of the work doesn't take itself seriously and there is enough similar content to balance it out (nobody complained about Else Bloodstones fabulous kicks in Nextwave because they where to busy marveling Machine Mans wonderfull tools or oh hey, dropbears!).

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I complained (silently), because I wasn't that taken with Nextwave. And I also hate fun.

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Doing ANYTHING in high heels is idiotic. Myself, I find excuses not to draw them, even in the smut. My main one? Why, they're harder to draw than flats.

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Well, to each their own. I think my point still stands though. But I wouldn't say drawing it is much harder than the foot itself (I'd say the hardest thing feet related for me are toes).

The foot is basicly articulated in three places. The toes, the middle foot (I don't know the anatomic name for this) and the heel that attaches to the calf.

If you can draw someons foot bracing for a leap you can draw it in heels.

The rest is just observation and shapes in perspective.

That's what I figure anyway. But I don't know if its to any help without visual aids. Then again its three in the morning, I'm not feeling very pedagocic, my tea is getting cold and I should probably hit the sack.

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You're not far off-- anatomically the divisions are called the forefoot, midfoot and hindfoot.

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Feet in ALL cases are a bitch to draw. I try to avoid them if I can. Thank god I don;t draw superheroes.

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The ballet shoes worked in Bubblegum Crisis, because the armor was balancing the user.

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Also the whole robots (we thend to blank out the design of robot feet as "well it whas probably designed that way for functionality", see Starscream) and un-ironic focus on 80's pop. Or the aerobics cut-ins.

It fits the world of the story. Also, the title allready loads all kinds of ideosyncratic images in our head using "Bubblegum".