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Jonni Future Part 1

Due to some interest when I suggested I might post Jonni Future when I saw the last Tom Strong post I decided to introduce scansdaily to Jonni Future! So here's 2 and 2/3 pages from her 8 page story from the first issues of Tom Strong's Terrific Tales.

We begin the story introduced to Jonni Ray who has just inherited her Uncle's estate after he passed away. Among other things he was a story writer writing books and I think comics too of far away future's and thrilling space battles.

Sadly like many houses you don't always get what you bargain for but unlike horror movies this wasn't too bad.

Anthropomorphic tiger, yay! Jonni of course gives chase.

The tiger man leads her to am syterious super sci-fi ish room where he kinda implies she should put on a helmet...

Now that's a fun way to make money, do heroic deeds then come back home and write stories about them!

Hehe, I really love all the Jonni Future stories.

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Don't be ridiculous. A tiger never changes its spots.