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Super Steph Series pt 4- The Robin 80 page giant!

Now for the Robin 80 page giant! It's a very Steph-centric little tale, and in it we see her first meeting and team up with Black Canary (and Wildcat) Lots of nice moments, but bleh art, and an important milestone for Steph and Tim.

Basically, this takes place when Tim's stepmom, Dana and Dad, Jack are getting ready to get married.

Weird that they're discussing red here, since Steph's costume looks all red, despite the fact it's, y'know, not supposed to be.

Gotta love how Tim throws his arms up when he yells "STEPH!" We'll assume he's not in earshot of the thugs when he yells her name this time. To be nice.

They beat up some thugs...

Oh snap!

...or not. Hah, look at the lines radiating from Tim's head. I find them funny, for some reason.

"Are you Batman approved?"
"...maybe so?"
"Ah, I get it. Batdickery."

"How dare you ask for help from people that aren't me, Steph!"

Steph runs off to find Dinah.

I told you kicking guys in the back of their heads when they weren't looking was Steph's trademark! Though I have no idea how she pulled off that particular kick, it looks impossible. Also, I have no idea why Black Canary's leotard doesn't cover her shiny ass.

Hey, notice how Black Canary and Steph's faces look exactly the same? It gets worse on the next page. Also, Wildcat likes watching people argue.

See? I can barely tell who's talking. We've got three blonde chicks in this story (You'll see Dana Drake in a minute) (who isn't even supposed to be blonde,  but she has to same disease Steph's Mom has regarding changing appearance) and they all look EXACTLY ALIKE. I hate this art, it's so generic. Also, Dinah realizes that getting involved with Batman will spell instant death for Steph.

Great! Now Black Canary's sleeve is miscolored so it looked like she's Spoiler, so it took me forever to figure out if it was her or Steph talking in that last panel!

I really wish the Dinah-Steph partnership had lasted longer. Dinah's the perfect mentor for Steph. She's not a dick like Batman, not to mention is well aware of Batman's dickery. She's an expert martial artist, she's tough enough on Steph that she would be able to reign in her impulsive and spacey behaviour, but nice enough to not jerk her around and she also understands the difficulties of being a female crimefighter in Gotham (no girls allowed!) There's really a lot she could have taught Steph, and look, Steph is so willing to learn!

Oh, right. Plot. Well see, back in the day, the Justice Society fought this crazy lady who controlled animals. She apparently died, but really transferred her spirit into this amulet. BY AMAZING COINCIDENCE, Jack Drake finds said amulet on an archeological dig and gives it to Dana for a wedding present. On their way to the wedding, Dana (wearing the amulet) suddenly turns feral on Tim and tries to kill him, also making all these animals escape and attack people. Dinah, Ted and Steph are out on the case in Dinah's car, when suddenly, Tim, being attacked by his feral stepmom, smashes into them. Steph's cape gets adorably flipped over her head.

Robin hears Steph calling out for him and crawls away to change into his costume and possessed!Dana escapes.

Ah, Steph's so cute worrying about Tim! Too bad Tim's gay. Even Wildcat thinks it's cute! Also, he doesn't care if Tim lives or dies!

EWWWW, Steph thinks Tim's banging his stepmother! She is pretty young to be marrying an old guy like Jack. It's a little creepy. Tim's friend Benard even mentions it in Robin #126 or something, and Tim's all like "Shut up!"

Tim and Steph get seperated, and Tim meets up with Dinah and finds Steph.

Tim saves Steph by bataranging the elephants foot. Then all these animals start attacking them. Steph is particularly non plussed when  geese start attacking her.

"KILL KILL KILL....huh?"

NO, Tim, she's famous for kicking people in the back of the head when they're not looking! But Steph badassery is most appreciated.

All the animals disperse.

Um, Tim, she kind of DID do the same for you just now. If it weren't for her "roundhouse right", you'd be snakefood. And why is Spoiler's belt suddenly green?

Anyway, Tim's worried Dana would figure out his secret identity if she remembered what happened when she was posessed, but she very conveiniently doesn't! So they have the wedding and everyone has a happy ending, except Dana has a black eye on her wedding day, which for some reason she didn't cover with makeup. Also, Ravenna might have tranferred her mind to a squirrel, but that plot thread is never picked up, so....

Next, Steph discovers Tim's secret! Then, a quick overview of Steph and Cass and Steph and the Birds of Prey!

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