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Let's switch gears for a moment and return to the Bronze Age of comics, specifically Action Comics #556. We'll be looking at 7 2/3rd pages of the 23-page story, "Endings."

Not really a very good cover, but it does come pretty close to the events inside.

A bit of background: Vandal Savage was originally from Earth-Two, where he fought the Golden Age Green Lantern, and later the Justice Society of America. Thanks to the JLA/JSA teamups of yore, Mr. Savage learned of the existence of Earth-One and how to get there. He also learned that he apparently had no counterpart on that parallel world, which gave him an idea.

Vandal Savage comes to Earth-One where he has no criminal record. He somehow gets enough resources to build Abraxas Industries, and become a legitimate businessman. Since he has no criminal record, people are willing to give Mr. Savage the benefit of the doubt, despite Superman's warnings about his past behavior on Earth-Two. But just being free from the threat of prosecution isn't good enough for Vandal Savage, and he begins a plot to discredit and perhaps destroy the Man of Steel.

We join that plan already in progress. )

Your thoughts and comments?
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After Jerry Robinson, and Joe Simon (and slightly tangentially, Anne McCaffrey) who achieved astounding, magnificent things in their lives, but who lived to ripe old ages, comes the loss of a younger creator who should have had years of creative output in him, and whose loss might well be overshadowed by the many, and entirely deserved, plaudits for Mr Simon.

RIP Eduardo Barreto who we have lost at the far too young age of 57.

A Teen Titans artist but more than that )
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Well, stuff happens this issue (on a personal level for most involved), and the set up for a big showdown is made.

And we see what Kaiden has been up to.

There goes our only hope.  )
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ComicBookNews has the preview for Irredeemable #29, as the Plutonian returns from an insane asylum within the heart of a star. And reminds us why he's a bad, bad, man.

Sing along if you know the words, Jimminy.

When you wish upon a star....  )
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Some posts back we saw how Pagan, BatBruce and Joe Public reacted when a Bloodlines parasite struck Gotham. That was then....

Now Gotham has been taken over by Bane, the Batman was broken and a new Dark Knight patrols the city as their must always be a Batman.

It's time for the new Batman to meet New Blood.

18 pages from a 56 page story.

Gotham Goes Ballistic! )
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So, last time I was here I posted some pages from the 2000 series Marvel Knights, a fun little exercise into street level team-building, featuring Daredevil assembling a team to take down the Punisher and for about fifteen issues, taking on various threats of a superpowered kind. The team was originally just Daredevil, Black Widow, Shang-Chi and Dagger (from Cloak and Dagger), but the group got an expansion in issue #5 with the inclusion of Moon Knight. The latter thought the team needed some organising (y'know, some actual being a team) and in issue #11, he brought in Luke Cage for some reinforcements.

This is a response to starwolf oakley's recent post, featuring Cage's interaction with DD in the pages of Bendis' Daredevil.

Scans not mine. Written by Chuck Dixon, drawn by Ed Barreto. 7/22.

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So, last month I requested stories where Jim Gordon interacted with others beyond Batman and Robin, and this month [ profile] mullon expanded it to heroes outside of the Batfamily. Additionally, [ profile] lyraeinne requested scans of Dick and Clark interacting.
Well, as Tim, in the first story I ever read with him, strove to do, I'm gonna kill two birds with one stone by posting Worlds Finest Comics #269.

char: jim gordon, char: robin/nightwing/dick grayson, char: superman/clark kent, creator: gerry conway, creator: rich buckler, creator: frank mclaughlin, creator: kelley puckett, creator: john bogdanove, creator: eduardo barreto, event: no man's land, publisher: dc comics, title: world's finest comics, title: batman
(why don't we have any kind of tag related to Bromance? we should have that tag so much)
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One page from Tales of the Teen Titans #80 in which Lian Harper was caucasian and had red hair.

Can we say D'AWWWW )

I also have a question, concerning that image of Batman with an orange(?) chainsaw. I can't find the image but someone here has an icon of it. Does anyone know the context of it?

ETA: Thanks to everyone who answered, I knew I could count on s_d! I didn't know chainsaws were appropriate autopsy equipment, but I've been wrong before.
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From the New Teen Titans #39, January 1988 - my formative comics years - comes some fun Edwardo Barretto art.

Oh yes, and there's a story too - Raven is able to feel emotions, falls for Dick Grayson, and seems to be trying to make him fall in love with her as well. Kory provides some emotional counselling in Tahiti for her, and while they're away, Dick moves in with Kory. Various relationship talks are had while lying around not fully dressed.

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Now for the Robin 80 page giant! It's a very Steph-centric little tale, and in it we see her first meeting and team up with Black Canary (and Wildcat) Lots of nice moments, but bleh art, and an important milestone for Steph and Tim.

Basically, this takes place when Tim's stepmom, Dana and Dad, Jack are getting ready to get married.


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