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Out of the three Dixon/Beatty Year One storylines, I think that I might like Nightwing: Year One best.

Now, general consensus is that this is the least liked of the three - but more often than not, those complaints tend to be about elements that I can't really bring myself to care about (the Teen Titans, Kory vs. Babs, Jason, etc.). Plus, there's the art - in my mind, Scott McDaniel is the Nightwing artist, and though the loss of his usual Nightwing inker Karl Story is regrettable, I still consider it leaps and bounds over the art of the other two.

(That's not to say I hated the art on the other two - but often, it struck me as a poor man's Bruce Timm or Darwyn Cooke. Still, there's a really nice scene from Batgirl: Year One that I need to post here sometime, that really shows off the benefits of minimalism.)

Chapter four, in particular, is probably my favorite. Dick's back in Gotham, going out and about and getting in the faces of every lowlife he can find - gotta spread the new Nightwing identity somehow. Throw in a date with Babs-as-Batgirl, plus a slew of appearances from villains that Dixon always writes beautifully (in other words, Two-Face and Freeze are nowhere in sight), and you've got one gem of an issue.

Sadly, since this issue is so popular here on scans_daily, I will not be able to post the awesomesauce Penguin sequence. It's somewhere on the Internet, though - you'll have to find it yourself. Instead, let's skip forward to Arkham Asylum, where a certain green-haired clown is about to join in on the fun.

Everything old is new again... )
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Hey folks!

One of the new shows coming up from DC's animation division is Beware the Batman. It's...different.

There was a ten-page preview comic in the Winter issue of DC Nation Super Spectacular, and I'm showing three pages.

Let's break up weapons smuggling. That's pretty generic. )

Your thoughts and comments?
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The Last Phantom is Alex Ross and Scott Beatty's modern spin on Lee Falk's classic strip character. Here's four pages from issue #1.

Guardian of the Eastern Dark, the Man Who Cannot Die, the Ghost Who Walks! )
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So a month ago, I started to explore to themes of Harvey being the Trial by Fire for the Robins, starting with Jason and then Tim. Now, of course, there is no Robin who has a more bitterly personal connection with Harvey than the first, Dick Grayson. It seems, in fact, that Two-Face is now officially Dick's arch-nemesis.

But why? How did this come about? What is it about Harvey, one of Batman's very worst enemies (second only to the Joker, IMO), that makes him ideally suited to be Dick's # 1?

I was going to post scans from "Prodigal" (the first "Dick as Batman" story from the 90's), but before I do that, I think it'd be best if we actually went back a bit further. Starting with the prelude to "Prodigal"--ROBIN #0 from 1994--and including the expansion/revisions of that story in the more-popularly-read ROBIN: YEAR ONE, both of which are helmed by Chuck Dixon, whom I believe we can therefore credit for inventing this particular archenemy dynamic.

Now, I consider Dixon to be one of the finest Batman writers, the only one of the 90's trio of Dixon, Moench, and Grant to be worth a damn (and the three of them working on "Prodigal" next week will be further proof of why I feel that way). And yet, he also writes what I consider to be one of the worst depictions of Two-Face ever put to print.

This might be due to the fact that Dixon, as far as I know, has never written a villain sympathetically. They're all either criminal masterminds (Blockbuster, Two-Face) or shifty losers (the Riddler Year One annual, Cluemaster). Best as I can tell, Dixon writes expressly for the heroes, which he does wonderfully. Problem is, that means the villains, even antivillains like Harvey and Mr. Freeze, suffer as a result.

Not that there aren't strengths to this depiction of Two-Face...

Read more... )

And thus the stage is set for the imminent rematch between Dick (who will be assuming the mantle of Batman for the first time) and Two-Face in "Prodigal." Hopefully next week, after over a month of talkin' about it, I'll finally get to those scans as well.

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[personal profile] cloud_wolf requested some Bruce/Dick interaction scenes from Robin Year One and I said I'd help out. I read this for the first time maybe a month or two ago and absolutely loved it. It's long, but I read it so fast, it actually felt short. There's four parts and each part is comprised of 52 pages.

Beautiful art and little! Dick Grayson being awesome. What more could you ask for?

Also, I decided to pop in a sketch I got from Cameron Stewart over the weekend at the Wizard World Comic Con in Toronto, it's pretty awesome.


Some Bruce/Dick/Alfred chats in Robin:Y1 )

Red Hood by Cameron Stewart :-) )

Suggested tags: char: alfred pennyworth, char: batman/bruce wayne, char: robin/nightwing/dick grayson, char: robin/red hood/jason todd, creator: scott beatty, creator: cameron stewart, creator: javier pulido, creator: robert campanella,

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Previous posts have already noted that there's a trend in canon retconning Jason has having been more violent, angrier and more of as street punk than he was originally depicted as in the handful of issues Collins was writing him.

One of the most blatant examples comes from Nightwing: Year One, which was published from March to May 2005 – for comparison, Under the Hood's first issue was published in February 2005, though the reveal that Red Hood was Jason was only published in August. I have no idea what the information sharing regarding Jason was at the time between editorial/writers of different title, and thus can't say if Dixon was even aware that Jason was in the process of being revived, much less if there were directives as to how depict him.

Some of these scans have already been posted in [insanejournal.com profile] tsuki_the_geek's posts of how Jason gained the Robin suit and how his first night as Robin went, but I'm reposting here for the sake of clarity. If it is offensive I'll take the scans down.

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I've had my six hours of sleep, so I'm back to wrap this bit up with a few scans from Gotham Knights #'s 38 and 39, the only time a writer other than Rucka referred to the pairing in the DCU.


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