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From the dim depths of 1995 comes this memorable issue of Milestone Comics, a Milestone milestone if you will. Static #25, and the controversy about it's cover.

This is the cover that was released.... a guy and a gal embracing and kissing. Very cute, you might think. but it's not the cover that was originally intended.

Static 25

If you want to see THAT cover, then click on the image above and you'll see the full scale image as originally planned. But we'll get back to that.

It's also an excellent comic in it's own right )
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Matt and Dwayne were best of friends.

First up, the written tribute.

What Comic-Con International Wouldn't Print

I miss Dwayne every day. It’s still inconceivable that he isn’t around to appreciate the world with me.

When my son gets another baby tooth, or I see a new episode of Doctor Who, I still have the urge to call him. Given the chance, I’ll talk about my late friend for hours at a time. I find myself making lists of McDuffie facts—not wanting to forget any more than I already have. And one of the things I’ve thought about most while mourning him was his long struggle for recognition from the comics industry.

Dwayne loved comics, both the superhero and non-superhero varieties, long before he made them for a living, and he continued to love them till the end. Our last conversation was about the Masterpiece Comics collection I’d given him for his birthday, which includes a pastiche of his beloved Little Lulu.

That said, I don’t know that the comics business loved him back.

Read the whole thing on Dwayne's web site.

Next, the 2-page story from the Static Shock tribute issue from DC Comics:
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I found this in a comic shop not long ago, and didn't think it would be quite so apposite, quite so soon.

It was "Milestone Forever", a 2010 series which just preceded the merger of the Milestone and mainstream DCU. This is not meant to be a definitive posting, but as a quick sample of the sheer scale of the characters Milestone introduced.

The temporally sensitive character "Dharma" (Leader of the Shadow Cabinet) is observing the timelines around him, and focusses on one in particular.

The appropriateness of the opening image is really very sad indeed.

Details under the cut )

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 Well, I've kinda been down and out since learning that Dwayne McDuffie died. 

I'm on the road to animating, and this guy put me on track. 

A tribute? Yes, a tribute.  )
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Once upon a time, it was 1989. A character named Rocket Racer, a former super criminal, had reformed, and was reappearing in the pages of Spider-Man. At the same time, in Thor, a new super team, the New Warriors, had debuted, and among their number was the character Night Thrasher.

There was something disturbingly similar about these two characters. Three somethings:

1) They were teenagers.
2) They were black (in fact, they comprised a full quarter of the black superheroes in Marvel Comics at the time.)
3) They had skateboards. (well, it was the 80s)

Dwayne MacDuffie realized something was amiss here, and decided to do something about it.

Namely, shame Marvel.
One page of shame and one page of legality under the cut )

Aaron "The Mad Whitaker" Bourque
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When Dwayne McDuffie took over writing duties for the Jason Rusch Firestorm series he already knew the title was heading for cancellation. He only got to write three issues but it still some of the best writing and some of the best fight scenes that any of the Firestorms have ever gotten.

Here's three pages from issue #33. )
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Greetings True Believers.

The comics world was dealt a heavy blow yesterday. Dwayne McDuffie passed away.

In honor of him and at the request of others, I'm posting some of my favorites from his body of work. Scans from the Beyond! mini-series.

RIP and godspeed Mr. McDuffie.

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Breaking news from Newsarama

Writer Dwayne McDuffie, famous for his creation of Milestone and runs on Justice League in both comics & animation, has passed away. No cause of death or exact details have been released, but the creator's death has been confirmed by multiple independent sources.

Apparently Mr McDuffie died from complications due to a surgical procedure performed on Monday evening.

What details there are under the cut )

May I suggest that some selected posted from his many, many works might be a nice tribute?

And for those more creatively inclined, Project Rooftop has announced a special week in honour of Mr McDuffie where anyone can submit redesigns for perhaps his most high profile creation; Virgil "Static" Hawkins. Details can be found here (other McDuffie characters are also eligible if you so wish)

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These aren't my scans, but are by David Brothers at 4th Letter.

As I mentioned before, Dwayne McDuffie is my favorite writer. He's one of the founders of Milestone Media, the creator of Static, an award-winning animation writer, a video game writer, and someone who has written most of the major characters at both Marvel and DC. He's got an active discussion forum on his web site.

Someone asked about Rocket, the young woman who was telling off Batman in one panel. Here are some scans apparently from Icon: The Mothership Connection, the second trade paperback collection of the series starring teenage superhero Raquel Ervin. This is also a late "favorite female character" post, since I love Rocket.

Update : gotta fix the scans but my net access is down, please look at the link above
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Well, here we are, after admittedly quite a hiatus, with the final repost of my Cheetah series. This overlaps the prior Pfeifer chapter a lot in terms of publish dates, and actually all falls before the Salvation Run stuff as far as the in-universe timeline goes, but chronologically and thematically it's more recent, it's essentially consistent with the most recent Cheetah, and being the take in JLA, it's probably the one that's going to stick with the average fan for a good while regardless of anything Gail might yet do in the Wondy title, so "current" it remains.

Which is depressing, but more in a mildly melancholy way than the frustrating VU stuff or the outright stupid Pfeifer Cheetah. Because while this Cheetah is still clearly of that same ilk, she's at least got some nuance to her beyond the mindless cardboard sociopath, and a bit of a suggestion of what she once was.

I have no further chapters to promo the way I usually do after the cut, but dedicated Cheetah fans, if there are any left after this tremendous fall from grace, may be interested in checking out the current Grand Unified Theory of Cheetahs, which achieves the extraordinary by reconciling all seven chapters of this series into a single coherent character arc by dint of massive unsupportable fanwank.


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