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Gemworld as envisioned by Charles Vess

I had never heard of Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld until the scans were posted here. But upon going back through some old Neil Gaiman stuff, I realized that Gemworld gets a mention in the original Books of Magic miniseries (in issue #3, with art by Charles Vess). 

Minor, I know, but I love seeing Vess' take on Gemworld.

They even drop in Zerox (this one, um, may not be Vess. In fact, I think it's Paul Johnson. I don't have the trade in front of me D:).  Someday, Gemworld will exist again!

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I love the original Books of Magic.

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Someday, Gemworld will exist again!

It had better, or I'll cry.

I always wondered about Books of Magic. Now I wonder again!

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If I should read them! :D

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I think you've sort of got that the wrong way round. The four issue mini seres wasn't "the first four issues", it WAS the series proper.

It was the ongoing series which wasn't the series proper... if that makes sense.

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Yeah, Neil's was pretty self-contained: it was really just a survey through the magic parts of the DCU. (which repurposed most of them for Vertigo) The series came reasonably later--this was still DC "special format," while the series came out once Vertigo was already well underway. I'm not sure if they had any definite future development of Tim in mind at the time--he was basically just the Guy Who Listens and Learns you need to provide a reason why everyone's talking about this stuff.

I will say this: I still maintain there are many elements of Tim that are suspiciously similar to the later Harry Potter. But I also imagine that even if there are Neil doesn't care to make a fuss.(and besides, it's not like he's hurting, and Tim isn't owned by him)

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Wasn't it also conected to Legion books through the white witch Mordru ect ???

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Yeah, that's Zerox, aka Sorceror's World, training ground of Mordru & the White Witch, which apparently is what Gemworld has evolved into by the 31st century.

If I can find my copies of the Great Darkness Saga, there's a great splash page showing what the wild magic floating around Zerox has made it look like.

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Apart from Gemworld becoming Zerox, the mention of an "Archmage" refers to the Magic Wars which brought an end to the Levitz Legion run just prior to the "Five Year Gap".

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As soon as I saw "Charles Vess" I knew that it would probably be a treat, but even so... wow. Thanks for posting.

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Yes! :) But so puzzling. I wonder who the Archmage is.

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Vaguely generic "source of all magic" which was featured in the Legion of Superheroes. His awakening started a magical disruption called "The Magic Wars" which led, amongst other things, to the death of Magnetic Kid.

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I thought the Archmage was Mordru?

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Nope, different being.

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Well, at least it gave Rokk something to get pissed about.

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Love the icon. It's the entire series in 30 seconds of quick reading!

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I really love the Books of Magic take on the 64th century, home of Abra Kadabra or as he's known here, Abhararakadhararbarakh.

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We need more defunct comics properties intercompany crossovers:
Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld Loves Crystar, Crystal Warrior!

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All I know is Dark Opal was one cool-looking villain. At least to me as a kid.

But that was always the case: him, Baron Karza, Darkseid, any of those, you had that kind of villain and the fanboy instinct came right out.