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A serious competition for Terry Long?!

As requested I continue posting random 80's Teen Titans stuff.

So... not happy with Terry Long being Donna's lover? Too old? Too annoying? Too creepy? And on top of that a silly haircut? Well, in New Teen Titans #11-12 (1981) he's getting a rival:

See for yourself if the new guy in town can keep up with Terry!

The context: in an intense battle with Deathstroke Gar got shot and is now on the brink of death. To save their friend the Titans fly off to Paradise Island where Gar hopefully can be healed by the Amazon's Purple Ray. While the girls take Gar down to the island the boys leave for a different mission in Africa. And somewhere else...

Meet Hyperion from the Titans of Myth! And before the obvious encounter with Donna, let's take a quick look and compare him with Terry:

Hair: ... well, give Terry a shave and put some flowers in his hair and they could be brothers.
Age: with more than 30.000 years Hyperion wins here - to be fair, Terry might look old but he's actually only 29.
Factor of annoyance: most of us were a bit angry at Terry because he ruined Dick's speech at the campfire scene, but at least you can get a word out in his presence... not so sure here.
Factor of creepiness: ... I always found the Titans of Myth pretty creepy, too.

Hera help me, too, for I cannot bear his enormous ego...

You heard Kory, Dick is the only real man on earth!

And off they fly... to Tartarus once again. After battling a few cyclopses they manage to free the other Titans of Myth:

Together they decide that it's about time to throw Zeus and the other younger gods from the throne. Also: Kory, Raven and the Amazons are on their way to rescue Donna (bringing even Athena herself along), but Donna being Hyperion's new first lady doesn't really care.
Instead in the next issue they head off to Mount Olympus...

Epic battles are fought there and in the end the Titans of Myth win, turning the younger gods into stone.

Momma's here and she doesn't approve of Donna's new boyfriend.
They try to talk things out. Athena being the awesome mod explains that the new peaceful world the Titans of Myth were talking about unfortunately comes without freedom and free will.

And war they get! Kory frees Zeus and before the situation gets even worse, Athena can finally talk sense into everyone. Everyone? Not quite! Hyperion still has something to bitch about.

I know this single page was already included in the Donna&Terry love story post, but it's the epilogue, I can't leave it out...

I'm so bold to say that with Kyle Donna's taste in men changed for the better.

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Terry gives me the creeps. :|

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Maybe we should be glad that Diana never really gets into serious relationships. Because, apparently, there are no good matches for super-powered Amazons.

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Hippolyta: Herc (her rapist, now thankfully retconned out), Ted Grant. That's a 50-100% success rate, depending on continuity, and if you run with Jimenez' implication that Phillipus is in love with her, her suitor pool goes to 66%-100% positive.

Donna: Terry Long (... Terry Long), Roy Harper (a good guy but not a good mate), Angle Man (amusing as a suitor, problematic as an actual prospect), Kyle Rayner (we have a winner). She's running a 25% success rate, down to 20% if you look at the suitor pool and Hyperion pops up. (She does, however, have the highest ratio of decent costumes in the family, which is something.)

Diana: Superman (ultimately not a good match, but excellent taste), Batman (just no), Aquaman, apparently (but only when he's a prick, so that's also a no), Rama (a true winner), Trevor Barnes (a true loser), Tresser (no), Io (again, ultimately not a good match but excellent taste). 42% success rate. Add in suitors, though - Indelicato, Schorr - and we're down to 33%.

Cassie: Kon (good call), Tim (... not a bad idea in theory, but disgusting and wrong in execution, and deeply problematic when combined with the way Diana gets passed between Clark and Bruce). 50% success rate, and no rejected suitors.

Temi: Mike Schorr (loser) and that dude from the mini whose name I forget, he's that dumb (loser). 0% success rate.

So, on average, amazons have about a 36% likelihood of ending up in a decent match. Not exactly awe-inspiring, but at least there's a chance.

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Ack, blonde!Polly. >.<

This is a good story, if skeevy, but for me it just highlights that much more how poorly thought out Donna's post-Crisis treatment was. Because... this is perfect. The Titans are enemies of the Olympians; they are therefore the natural enemies of the amazons as well. They were imprisoned by their children, and their first act, if they became capable of acting, would be to war with Zeus. If one of the Wonder women could make a peace between them, so much the better, but it would start ugly, and manipulative and careless of human life, because that's what Titans *are* in the mythology that the entire Wonder mythology is based on. So... you make Donna the offspring of the "Titans of Myth" and have her swear by Rhea all the time... you're not just sundering her from her proper amazon heritage, you're actually making her an enemy of her people.

Also, damn. Remember how pretty Donna was when she wore an outfit with a halfway attractive neckline?

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I'm surprised that we've yet to see a story where the Titans and the Olympians go to war and Donna sides with the Titans. If it was a Silver Age story, it would have an insanely melodramatic title like "My Sister...My Enemy!"

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See, for my money if your going to date a Greek god, get ahold of Hermes. It's not just ,that is a big dick, it's that big dick,so big a freakin' bird is landing on it.

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Is that Hermes? With a penis that big I'd assume Priapus (

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Hang on. Upcoming Raven and Starfire on Paradise Island? Whoa.

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At least Hyperion has the power to back up the ego, compare and contrast with the Titans "angel" Azrael, who'd spout the most dreadfully overblown drivel when his entire powerset consisted of, basically, wings (And I say that as a diehard fan of Angel and Icarus)

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did Claremont and Perez ever get paired together on any work?

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Survey says: Uncanny X-men Annual #3?

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Perez, you wonderful pervy bastard.

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Lately I've been feeling like I'm a bad person for never finding Terry all that creepy, even though I read all those stories way back when. [shrug] Maybe it's because I didn't think of Donna as a teenager, even though "Teen" is in the comic's title every damn month. Or maybe it's because even though Terry is obviously older than she is, he sure didn't look (to me) old enough to be a parent to a grown woman. That is, he didn't look as old as any real-life parents of teenagers that I knew at the time-- including my own parents. :p

OTOH, that whole thing where Donna is enthralled and touching her own face, etc.? *That* has always struck me as creepy.

Go figure. [shrug]

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Enthralled? I thought she was having an orgasm. Which would have been fairly out-there in 1981. Now? She definitely would be having an orgasm. And it would most likely involve body parts other than her face. I never thought I'd miss 1981.

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... Did Hyperion blast off Starfire's clothes in that one panel or what?

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Rape. It's fine when the gods do it!

Euuuuuuuuuuugh. *pukes* This is disgusting.

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But they usually do it as swans or bulls. (I always wondered what it was about Greek women that being king of the gods wasn't good enough...)

Nyah ha ha

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Wow. Sexist and forget the purple ray, purple prose!

Thanks for posting, never saw this before.

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Say, isn't this the plot of an old Star Trek episode?...

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"Who Mourns for Adonais." The god was Apollo (the real thing, apparently), the mortals Carolyn Palamas and Montgomery Scott.

And I got all that from memory. Should I be proud or ashamed?

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Donna has a thing for creepy guys with Ronald McDonald hair.

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. . . so she'd date Ronald McDonald?



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Oh Terry, she may love you but she'll lever make that face with you.

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So, this whole story is majorly skeevy, but those four panels of Donna creep me the hell out. I can't even look at them!

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I like the way the narrator's voice in these stories. "She is strong, this Amazon." Constructions like that.

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And that line of Kory's is kind of hilarious. Dick's the only real man you've men on earth? Really? What exactly does she mean by that?

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Are these the same Titans that made Devastation and tried to eat the Presence?

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no, these were the original Titans, minus their father Cronus. The group was another group fathered by Cronus while he was imprisoned I believe.

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Does anyone know much about the history/who designed this wondergirl costume ??

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The basic look was designed by Nick Cardy in the late Silver Age; Perez made a few minor modifications to it during the revival in the 1980s.

Dear GOD Donna

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"You promised all peace, how can you begin by causing death?"

Donna, you're asking a dude that EATS BABIES. And has sex with his sister. Did I mention he also eats babies?
ext_376821: [a wreathe of Kryptonite for Superman] R.I.P. - From, The Mafia (Dnyarri's flowers)

Re: Dear GOD Donna

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Hey, that baby-eating was self-defense! LEAVE CRONUS ALONE.

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Face it. If Donna Troy could let the likes of, say, John Constantine see her secret birthmark (re: Swamp Thing #66), then she'll sleep with anyone!

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Seriously? Whew--forget about Kyle then. If anyone has a penis of death, it's John Constantine.

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Doesn't this story have Kory flying with a naked Gar Logan in her arms? I recall writing a letter to New Teen Titans about that, back when I was callow.

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I don't know if anyone else has requested this, but I'd love to see some scans of the ish with Starfire's boyfriend before Dick. I think it's one of only three issues of pre-Crisis NTT I don't have.

Might as well be kissing the sun...

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I can totally see why Donna would go for this guy; he's so good, he gives woman orgasms just by looking at them!

A question though - why, exactly, did Hyperion, after thousands of years, just - suddenly break free like that? Did the warranty on his ancient stone prison expire? Did the batteries run out? Did Hyperion just go "fuck this, I'm out"?

Re: Might as well be kissing the sun...

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IIRC Hyperion stole the last remembered glimmers of sunlight from the souls of the condemned passing near his imprisonment, in order to built up his power enough to break free. It took a long time for those to add up enough.