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Trying to keep my momentum with the story here's the third part of the 9 part epic as only Marv Wolfman and friends could bring you.

Page count is just a bit under 7 pages from a 22 page comic. And yeah I'll be honest trying to cut stuff out was very hard, so many fun little in fighting moments in the issue...

Now...when we last left off... )

char: beast boy/changeling/gar logan, char: deathstroke/slade wilson, char: pantha/rosabelle mendez, char: red star/leonid kovar, char: robin/nightwing/dick grayson, char: starfire/koriand'r, char: terry long, char: wonder girl/troia/donna troy creator: Marv Wolfman, creator: Kevin Maguire, creator: Will Blyberg, creator: John Costanza, creator Adrienne Roy, publisher: DC comics

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I have no idea why Slade was a part of this or what his story was at the time but Slade's running from the government just as he's forced into this three way tie in between his title Deathstroke the Terminator, the New Titans and Team Titans.

8 pages from a 26 page story.

Sexy times between Nightwing and...who? )

creator: Marv Wolfman, creator: Art Nichols, creator: Will Blyberg, creator: John Costanza, char: starfire/koriand'r , char: robin/nightwing/dick grayson, char: red star/leonid kovar, group: Team Titans, char: wonder girl/troia/donna troy, char: beast boy/changeling/gar logan, char: pantha/rosabelle mende, char: terry long
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IGN has the full preview of how the Titans are handling Blackest Night. And a scene worthy of those "evil children/babies" movies of the 70s.

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[ profile] saralakali requested scans of Starfire's first boyfriend... yes, there was a man in Kory's life before she got together with Dick. Obviously it didn't end all too well...

Kory's first love story, a singing Dick, Donna wearing an... interesting bikini, a space photoshoot and lots of drama right ahead in New Teen Titans #16 (1982).

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As requested I continue posting random 80's Teen Titans stuff.

So... not happy with Terry Long being Donna's lover? Too old? Too annoying? Too creepy? And on top of that a silly haircut? Well, in New Teen Titans #11-12 (1981) he's getting a rival:

See for yourself if the new guy in town can keep up with Terry!

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I'd guess while reading older comics you get pretty much used to every kind of... let's say, interesting clothing, but this bold combination Kory's wearing really cracked me up:

Wouldn't an image of Dick fit better?
And while I'm at it, the whole scene from New Teen Titans #6 (from 1984), featuring a camp fire, some emo heart-to-heart conversation and Vic posing dramatically. (8 pages in total, which should still be fine with the posting rules since the issue has 25 pages.)

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I plan on posting how Terry and Donna broke up, but first here's a scene on how it could have happened...

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Thank you, xdoop, for the recent posts on Donna Troy and Terry Long.

When looking at the wedding scenes, I was reminded of some continuity changes as regards who Donna's maid of honor, and taking into consideration the whole "At scans_daily, it's never just you", I thought I'd post them (now that I found them!)

The question - is Donna's maid of honor Kory or Diana?

cut )


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