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So here are the opening pages from issue four of Copperhead, a new sci-fi western from Image.  To give the background, the new sheriff in town is investigating the murder of most of a local family, and one of the survivors has just assaulted someone she thought was responsible.  The employer of the person assaulted is not happy.Read more... )

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This was a really hard choice I was remembering how many great Else Worlds there where in the crop of annuals from '94, and I already posted my favourite What If to use for favourite male character... This one ranks a little bit lower for me but it's still a neat concept.

The Beyonder and Galactus kill each other and Reed Richards in the final battle of the Secret Wars leaving the heroes trapped on that strange world. 25 years later there is peace, and a new generation of super powered youngsters.

10.6 pages of 32 )
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For no other reason than I wanna, here's an extract from Generation X #62 by Jay Faerber and Matt Smith, where Monet had shipped off to a new school in Switzerland. Her academic career there was cut short by the unfortunate development that the teaching staff turned out to be composed almost entirely by vampires, who were killing off and turning her fellow students.

Back from when Monet had a conscience about killing and before the whitewashing. No claims about originality, though. There's a possibility that the issue might have been... just slightly influenced by a certain TV show.

Gen X Preview
Read more... )

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So, the reboot is looking pretty bad for the Arrow kids. There's no indication we'll have Mia anytime soon, Connor apparently "ages Ollie up" too much- nevermind that Bruce totally had time for four Robins and a ten-year-old kid and that Connor was born well before Ollie became Green Arrow- and, of course, Lian, who should also have been born before her father's current identity change, also apparently ages Roy up too much. Suffice to say, current plans don't hold much hope for these three.

Of course, plans can be changed.

TL;DR? Let's all spam DC. )
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Since it's Awesome New Females week I bring you a bit of Carmilla Black the Stinging Scorpion from her appearances in Captain Universe/X-23 and Avengers the Initiative.
Page count
Captain Universe/X-23 (2 pages)
Avengers The Initiative #24 (3 pages)

She's a strange gal at times... )
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Somebody mentioned this story earlier, and having been reminded of it I thought I'd share a little Roy Harper & Kyle Rayner silliness.

Seven pages of banter and shooting things )

Suggested tags: char: speedy/arsenal/roy harper, char: green lantern/kyle rayner, creator: jay faerber, title: green lantern
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OK, both in the requests thread and the Rise of Arsenal postings I'm seeing calls for Lian Harper Memorial Posts. So here's one of my favorites from Superboy #82 (2001), "Power Lunch," in which Roy and Lian meet their newfound cloned uncle Jim Harper, a.k.a. Guardian, for coffee and conversation.

As usual, Lian steals the scene. )

5 pages plus preview panel of a 22 page story. I remember seeing this on s_d before, but a quick tiptoe through the tags makes me believe it's gone gone gone.

ETA: A request for those who've been following Guardian in the "World Without Superman" plotline. It's mentioned in Adventure Comics 8 that spoiler ) Can anyone point me in the direction of the issue/s where this occurred?

Tag suggestions - char: guardian/jim harper, char: lian harper, char: speedy/red arrow/roy harper, char: superboy/kon-el/conner kent, creator: jay faerber, creator: sunny lee (new tag), publisher: dc comics, title: superboy
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Given that it's Doom week and I've kinda wanted to post this for some time and it also has cross dimensional spawn and fun What if ness all packed into one I bring scans daily 10 pages (from a 32 page comic) about What if...the people who were abducted by the Beyonder stayed on Battleworld for 25 years and had to co-exist, unable to return home to Earth?

It's also one of my favorite if not THE one What If I've always wanted to see continued, especially given that it's ending lends itself to that...


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