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"From New Warriors to X-Force to Robin, I have always enjoyed writing teens who are on the cusp of adulthood. Their angst, arrogance and insecurities are great fodder for character conflict. Karl Kesel and Tom Grummett created a wonderful mix in Kon-El. Cockiness and loneliness, courage and fear, the character was unlikeable and lovable at the same time." - Fabian Nicieza

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'When I started writing this, I was told, "Have fun." That's a great mandate, and DC stuck by it. The larger Convergence concept is a huge epic that plays out in the main miniseries. Our tie-ins feed into that and hopefully enrich the main story, but they're basically self-contained stories revisiting beloved characters. So it's win-win.' - Stuart Moore

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One of the most frequently reused plots of the Silver Age Superfamily titles was "supporting cast character temporarily gains superpowers, causing problems for the hero." Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane were the most common targets of this, but everyone got into the act, including some long-forgotten characters like the one we'll look at today.

This post contains what adds up to 7 2/3rds pages of 23 from the lead story in Superboy #157, "Get Lost, Superboy...Who Needs You?!" plus a special treat.

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