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Excellent week, chaps.

Beyond the Big Two was a fantastic success in my opinion - how about yours? So MUCH good stuff to read, and most of it new to me. I didn't manage to post the pages from Slaine: The Horned God that I meant to - but I won't let the end of the theme week put me off, and I hope you don't either! Let's keep posting this variety, and work of such quality.

I'm gonna be linking some of the posts from the past week on @scans_daily, so if you missed a day or two just keep an eye on twitter.

But, next things next - are we ready for another theme week already, or do you want a rest?
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Hugo Pratt's Fable of Venice is one of the best albums in the Corto Maltese series. Corto is in Venice (Pratt's birthplace) searching for a precious artifact called 'Solomon's Clavicle.' It's a fast-paced mystery thriller that involves free masons, fascists, poets, occultists and seedy figures from the underworld. It's also a gorgeous love letter to Venice.

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The Life and Times of Savior 28 was a five issue miniseries from IDW, written by J.M. DeMatteis and drawn by Mike Cavallaro. DeMatteis based the idea on his original plans for CAPTAIN AMERICA #300, where Cap would start his own peace movement and get assassinated.

Violence is bad. Or something. )
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I will be posting the classic Aldo Kelrast storyline that ran in the Mary Worth comic strip back in the summer '06.

You'll see me around! I guarantee it! )
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While IDW is currently doing an awesome job publishing Generation 1 based comics, they're not publishing an ongoing Transformers: Prime comic. Transformers: Prime is the current main TF cartoon, a CGI-animated series being shown on The Hub (previously Discovery Kids).

Titan Magazines over in the UK has been publishing a Transformers magazine which comes out once every four weeks since 2007, and while for most of its life it has been based around the Michael Bay movie franchise, last year they switched it over to be Transformers: Prime themed. The magazine includes such features as a letters page where the letters are answered in-character by Megatron and Arcee, an astrology column hosted by Starscream, and an eight-page comic. While intended for a somewhat younger readership than the IDW comic, the stories are fun.

So I thought I'd post parts of the comics from the second (just under 2 pages out of 8) and third (approx 2 pages out of 8) issues.

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American comics in the early days tended to have strapping, handsome heroes (or if not, then they were someone like the Thing, whose physical monstronsity was countered by a heart as big as all outdoors.

In the UK, that wasn't such a given, or heroes not always so clear cut, and certainly not always so handsome. As a case in point, this is the origin of one of the more durable, but now sadly almost unknown, British comic heroes... And often in those aimed at younger kids than their American counterparts.

From the pages of SMASH comics in the late 1960's comes

The Incredible Adventures of Janus Stark )

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De cape et de crocs (Cloak and fangs), is a French bande dessinée by Ayroles and Masbou. The world is 17th century Europe with some clothed animals amongst humans. The story is full of adventure, references to 17th century French literature, and above all, fun.

Meet the heroes :

Don Lope de Villalobos y Sangrin is a Spanish Catholic wolf, proud, dark and honorable. Armand Raynal de Maupertuis is a chivalrous French fox who loves rhyming and good life. They love swordfighting, drinking, helping the helpless, courting girls... They're best friends.

The story begins when Andreo, a young nobleman who just saw the classic (but all new at the time) French play Les fourberies de Scapin, tries to pull the same trick on his rich father, Cenile, and stages a fake kidnapping to get the ransom and flee with the girl he likes (who doesn't like him, but he's not very clever and hasn't noticed).
But Cenile likes his money even better than the fictional miser, and decides, instead of paying, to ask some heroes to free his son - for no payment. They attack the framed Turkish ship, and don't find any prisoners - but end up with a mysterious treasure map.
It's just the beginning of a fabulous adventure with swordfighting, pirates, wild chases, a very cute rabbit, shipwrecks, a beautiful gypsy girl, a 17th century mad scientist, theater-like plot twists, warlike mimes, living moonstones, and a lot of things I won't spoil.

It was hard for me to pick a particular moment, but I chose this one. Not the biggest event, just one of the funny adventures on the way.

The Flying Dutchman - maybe. Big pictures )
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I was going to post more pages from Milo Manara's The Great Adventure, but I'm going to skip to the finale, which is my favourite part. The bulk of the story was a dream Giuseppe Bergman had, then he wakes up in a ferry with HP and finds out he hasn't even started his Great Adventure. After all his weird dreams, he decides he doesn't want an adventure anymore. And then there's this:

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Part two of my history of Galen DeMarco, continued from here.

Where we left off last time, partway through "Beyond the Call of Duty", DeMarco was making a spirited attempt at going where no woman has gone before. Here's how that worked out for her.

Roughly 22 pages of scans under the cut.

Dredd's reaction, and what happened next )

Still one of my very favourite characters. ♥
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In the third volume of the Borgia series, once again I choose an arresting sequence that demonstrates the finest qualities of Milo Manara's art, his talent for painstaking details and gorgeous designs.

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Also, warning for incest?
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My contribution for Beyond the Big 2 Week.

WARNINGS for depiction of war torture techniques and general violence? And heads.

And ninjas.

SKYWORLD is a urban myths and fantasy comic set in an alternate Philippines where the country is taken over by creatures called asuang between 2000 and 2012.

Lovingly scanned by myself with permission from the artist himself. The art is amazing, the dialogue is great, and the story's pretty awesome.

Every Legend Hides a Lie )

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Before Milo Manara embarked on a lucrative career as a porn artist, he created Giuseppe Bergman (1978), a down on his luck loser of an alter ego who's tired of the modern world and longs for a Great Adventure.

This is a comedy, with occasional nudity, sex and violence - but Manara is writing and drawing always tongue firmly in cheek, satirizing everything through his protagonist. Think Dan Clowes.

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In a similar vein to my previous series of posts about Dredd's clone-family, I thought I'd put together a bit of a history of one of my favourite supporting characters, Galen DeMarco. This is the first of two posts; the second should hopefully be up later in the week.

Roughly 19 pages of scans beneath the cut.

Meet Galen DeMarco )

In part two: Dredd's reaction, what happened to DeMarco after that, and an appearance by another awesome female character of the Dreddverse.


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