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Calvin and Hobbes did a couple of strips that poked fun at the different soap opera comic strips (Rex Morgan, Mary Worth, etc.) 
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A comic strip I enjoy hit a milestone today and no matter how busy I am right now I think that deserves a post.

Several other strips also paid tribute:Read more... )

I think some other strips also talked about it but I don't have time to track them all down. If you see more feel free to post them in the comments or make your own post.
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When we last left our heroes, J. Jonah Jameson had repeatedly owned Spider-Man on live TV, causing our favorite web-slinger to seriously consider giving up his secret identity. But not content with mere verbal attacks, JJJ has gotten Tony Stark involved in his anti-vigilante vendetta!

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When we last checked in on our friendly neighborhood wallcrawler, he was having some difficulties catching a flight. But more adventures await our intrepid hero upon his triumphant return to America!

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With the last Nintendo Power magazine having been releases earlier this year, much to the dismay and sadness to us oldschool gamers from back when the magazine was something coveted as the "Go To" source for video gaming back in the 1990's. With it came a comic featuring the more-or-less mascot of the magazine itself - Nester.

NESter was a teenaged gamer, who would often act as the promoter for new games, and would have game-based adventures. He became synonymous with the magazine, and even those without Nintendo Power magazine subscription most likely knew who Nester was.

Well, Nester grew up with us......

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....it's not even recent...

In this world of Wally-less Flash's and Robin-less Tim's and no Donna... or Cass, or Steph.. well, you get the picture, and the resurgence of some of the... less enjoyable aspects of the 1990's ("Hi, I'm Rob Liefeld, you might remember me from such classics as... ummm... well.... ummmm... X-Force sold well you know...")

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Back in the late 80s/early 90s, Japan's economy was doing pretty well. Indeed, there was even concern among alarmists that Japan would be able to simply buy America out, at last "winning WWII." Reality kicked in when the economic bubble burst, but for a while there it was good business to learn some Japanese.

And thus there was Mangajin, a magazine to help young business people learn about the Japanese language through the medium of comics.

We'll be looking at five pages, each an individual strip. I should mention that the print is kind of tiny in the translation notes, so you might want to have your zoom function handy.

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Your thoughts and comments?

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I will be posting the classic Aldo Kelrast storyline that ran in the Mary Worth comic strip back in the summer '06.

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No, not Dredd IN shorts, though that's quite the image... but shorts starring Judge Dredd

These are some Judge Dredd newspaper strips from the late 1980's which appeared in the Daily Star newspaper and which were collected... As they are all done-in-one, half a page long strips, I think I can post their entirety without problem.

So, courtesy of the 1988 Judge Dredd Annual )
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I know we generally don't talk about current newspaper comics (that's the job of the Comics Curmudgeon http://www.joshreads.com). But I think the 2/5/12 installment of Doonesbury speaks to a problem many comics creators seem to have.

Characters women can relate to )

Your thoughts and comments?
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Away for a month.. I wonder what I missed?? Many rumbles?

Anyway, I bring you bounty upon my return. You may or may not have heard of the amazing (liar) Baron Munchausen. He has a couple of illnesses named after him due to his tendancy to tell "tall tales" - four of which are related after the cut. And the art is pretty fantastic: perfectly suited to the tone. Enjoy!

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Believe it or not, I found these amazing one-pagers in a Daily Mail children's annual. It was from maybe 1950, but the fact that the Daily Mail has ever published something that I can honestly say "that is entirely fantastic and in no way upsetting or offensive" about.. well, I find it hard to believe.

So I share them with you!


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