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"The cat seldom moves anything except his tail and eyes and often gets taller or shorter from panel to panel. The lettering is often more incomprehensible than the joke it is designed to carry. On the other hand, they were only paying ten quid a week, so what do you bloody expect? Would Barry Windsor Smith have put all those pre-Raphaelite fiddly bits into 'Conan' for ten quid a week? Would he bollocks! Even so, there are occasions when I've felt almost embarrassed to be receiving even that much, which is why the proceeds of this current compilation -- or at least my share of them -- are being donated to Greenpeace."
--Alan Moore on his own drawing ability, Afterward to Vol. 1 compilation, 1986

'Tails don't fall in love, you slithering simpleton.' )
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Believe it or not, there was a time when the Archie daily newspaper strip was actually funny. For instance, there was the storyline in which the title character became principal of Riverdale High for a day.

Lay your peepers on this, cats )
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Calvin and Hobbes did a couple of strips that poked fun at the different soap opera comic strips (Rex Morgan, Mary Worth, etc.) 
Comics behind the cut. )
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A comic strip I enjoy hit a milestone today and no matter how busy I am right now I think that deserves a post.

Several other strips also paid tribute:Read more... )

I think some other strips also talked about it but I don't have time to track them all down. If you see more feel free to post them in the comments or make your own post.
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When we last left our heroes, J. Jonah Jameson had repeatedly owned Spider-Man on live TV, causing our favorite web-slinger to seriously consider giving up his secret identity. But not content with mere verbal attacks, JJJ has gotten Tony Stark involved in his anti-vigilante vendetta!

Part 2: Iron Man=Hitler )
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When we last checked in on our friendly neighborhood wallcrawler, he was having some difficulties catching a flight. But more adventures await our intrepid hero upon his triumphant return to America!

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