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This being the appropriate week,it seems apt to wish all those who celebrate it, a Happy Thanksgiving

Though not everyone agrees )
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...and he's still one of the most recognisable cartoon characters in the world!

Can you guess who I mean?

!!! !! !!!!!! )
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A great story showing how important Charlie Brown really is to the peanuts gang...

Eight pages of 24 (WHICH IS 1/3, mods!) after the cut

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Greetings, Ladies and Gentlemen!

Today I am proud to give you the greatest crossover of all time as well as a touching story of perseverance, unity and victory. Not a Dream! Not a Hoax! Not an Imaginary Story! This issue Charlie Brown finally kicks the football...with Spiderman's help!!!

The Sweet Taste of Victory )
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Almost exactly 60 years ago, Charles "Sparky" Schultz, produced the first of many, many Halloween inspired strips for his "Peanuts" cartoon strip.

Happy Halloween you Blockhead )


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