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Calvin and Hobbes did a couple of strips that poked fun at the different soap opera comic strips (Rex Morgan, Mary Worth, etc.) 
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You've probably heard this story already after it broke at the weekend, but just in case, it's too good a story to NOT share.

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Back in the late 80s/early 90s, Japan's economy was doing pretty well. Indeed, there was even concern among alarmists that Japan would be able to simply buy America out, at last "winning WWII." Reality kicked in when the economic bubble burst, but for a while there it was good business to learn some Japanese.

And thus there was Mangajin, a magazine to help young business people learn about the Japanese language through the medium of comics.

We'll be looking at five pages, each an individual strip. I should mention that the print is kind of tiny in the translation notes, so you might want to have your zoom function handy.

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Your thoughts and comments?

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It's late at night for me and most people, and none of the new shows on US TV amuse me. As I was surfing for entertainment I found this classic gem.

It's so hard to make comedy look so easy sometimes.

Have a laugh, carry on.
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Saw this on another discussion board, and had to share.

Because Sunday's are best enjoyed with ease and a smile.

(yeah, guilty of shorting everyone, I will post what I can find of this adventure *next* Sunday).

In the meantime, an appetizer.

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The only thing better to waking up and finding that the snow has stopped falling is waking up and the snow has stopped falling and Calvin & Hobbes have a snow page on scans_daily. Here is small collection of gems (and aren't they all?) from Calvin & Hobbes fun with snow.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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I have recently initiated a massive purge of my comics collection (the majority of the stuff I've decided to clear out is here -- I hope you people are proud of how much you've contributed to that!) and, happily, I found where all of my old Calvin and Hobbes collections were hiding! It's been a good afternoon, despite the fact that I've gotten next to no work done. Less happily, they're really too brittle to take well to being mushed onto my scanner, but I'm in a Watterson kind of mood, dammit, so I dug up some of his old college strips. So far as I know, these aren't in print anywhere. There was a webpage with a small collection -- which is where I'm certain I originally got these -- but I can't seem to find it.

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For my last post before the move, I thought I'd post an Amanda Conner commission I found online (and which isn't mine) which encapsulates much of what has made this place so much fun...

It has Dick Grayson as Robin, it has Spider-Man, it has cute kids, implied violence (and spanking at that!) and the promise of candy... what better image to summarise us? :)


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