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A certain British comic made a milestone event back in December.

Let's take a look at a few pages from the issue!

Tiny sample )

Your thoughts, comments and favorite 2000 AD memories?
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He was the object of the game this time.

He'd bought his retirement from it with blackmail, blackmail that'd expired.

Now he was in Chicago, walking out of an alley.

He heard a car revving, and then gunfire rak-kak-kaaking at him.

He ducked and ran- another Button Man came up behind him.

" Hate to shoot a man in the back, Harry! Turn around! "

Harry didn't. )
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His second retirement was less bloody than his first- he bought it with blackmail, not death.

He left the world of rich men that bankrolled death fights for the woods.

There, he had his dog, wild prey to hunt.. and memories.

He missed one of the second because of some of the third. )
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He'd accepted the invitation.

His inviters were finding fault with him, because of how violently he was winning his fights.

He had things going on inside him, things his handler Cora couldn't see.

One night, he was woken from them by the barking of a wild dog.

It was nosing around the trashcan outside. )
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He'd killed his Voice to make it definite.

He'd staggered away from the scene bleeding out and collapsed.

He'd been found and taken to a hospital.

Then he'd been taken again.

He awoke somewhere else.

He awoke from his memories. )
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It wasn't the killing for a Voice that bothered him.

It was the killing for a Voice he didn't even know.

His friend and fellow Button Man Carl knew his own Voice, thanks to fingerprints and police databases- he didn't act on that knowledge, though, because the Voices were too powerful to make that worthwhile.

In confessing his Button Man life to a psychiatrist, Harry said what he knew about his Voice.

What he knew was psychological. )
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He hadn't been a button man before that, though.

He told this to a psychiatrist whose door he'd knocked on.

Bandaging up his bleeding hand, he started his story with " I can't stop killing, doc. "

He had an explanation for that. )
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This is sort of cheating the theme a bit - the Ventriloquist isn't really my favorite comic-book villain today, but he was the first one I ever developed an obsession with, so I thought it fitting to pay a small tribute to him today.

Here are some pages from old Arnold Wesker's debut story, courtesy of John Wagner and Alan Grant (the two-part storyline was in fact their very first Batman story, which is quite impressive; not many writers create an instantly memorable villain on their first try). Even now, rereading it gives me a surreal sense of vertigo. It's not easy to believe that such a silly-seeming villain had so much violence surrounding him.

Don't ever ask him for a gottle 'a geer. )
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Following on from my previous series of posts about Judge Beeny's backstory (America, America II & Cadet, Tour of Duty) some scans from the latest mega-epic "Day of Chaos". Roughly ten pages beneath the cut.

Day of Chaos )

The aftershocks of Day of Chaos are only just beginning to play out in the latest progs, so what the future has in store for Dredd and Beeny we still don't know.
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Since her origins in the America trilogy (see my recent posts here and here) Judge Beeny has become a recurring character in the Dredd comics, and played a major role in the "Tour of Duty" epic. Roughly 16 pages of scans beneath the cut.

Warnings: References to a mass-shooting incident.

The Continuing Adventures of Judge Beeny )

Beeny next appears in Megazine 300 in the one-off story Judgement Call, which [personal profile] skjam already posted some scans from here. After that comes the "Day of Chaos" mega-epic, which I'll cover in my next post.
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Following on from my "America" post, some scans from the two sequels. "Fading of the Light" was published six years after the original story, and "Cadet" a decade after that. (Since the Dreddverse runs in more or less 1:1 time, the same amount of time passes in-universe between the stories.) 12 pages of scans beneath the cut.

Warnings: References to sexual assault and a euthanasia plotline.

America II: The Fading of the Light )

Next up: Beeny's part in the Tour of Duty saga.
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For the Crowning Moments of Awesome theme, I give you "America", published in the first seven issues of the Judge Dredd Megazine, and generally agreed to be one of the absolute classic Dredd stories, if not the classic. 15 pages of scans beneath the cut. (The collected story runs 62 pages; I'm not fully certain how it was originally divided up into instalments, but have tried to use no more than 2-3 pages from each.)

Warnings: Graphic violence; dark themes including abuse of power by the authorities, forced abortion, and some creepy violating use of future medical technology.

America )

There were two sequels to the story published later, covered in my next post.
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Part two of my history of Galen DeMarco, continued from here.

Where we left off last time, partway through "Beyond the Call of Duty", DeMarco was making a spirited attempt at going where no woman has gone before. Here's how that worked out for her.

Roughly 22 pages of scans under the cut.

Dredd's reaction, and what happened next )

Still one of my very favourite characters. ♥
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In a similar vein to my previous series of posts about Dredd's clone-family, I thought I'd put together a bit of a history of one of my favourite supporting characters, Galen DeMarco. This is the first of two posts; the second should hopefully be up later in the week.

Roughly 19 pages of scans beneath the cut.

Meet Galen DeMarco )

In part two: Dredd's reaction, what happened to DeMarco after that, and an appearance by another awesome female character of the Dreddverse.
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More Dredd! The third and final part of my series of posts on Dredd's family. (See links for parts one and two.) A tale of terrorist plots, cloning experiments gone wrong, Christmas gatherings and tea breaks.

About 20 pages of scans beneath the cut. (Warning for discussion of euthanasia, brief reference to a possible suicide attempt.)

Brothers of the Blood: Total War and Beyond )
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No, not Dredd IN shorts, though that's quite the image... but shorts starring Judge Dredd

These are some Judge Dredd newspaper strips from the late 1980's which appeared in the Daily Star newspaper and which were collected... As they are all done-in-one, half a page long strips, I think I can post their entirety without problem.

So, courtesy of the 1988 Judge Dredd Annual )
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Part two of my series of posts on Judge Dredd and his clones. (Part one is here.) These scans are all from the Brothers of the Blood TPB collection, a series of stories that follow the formation of Dredd's unlikely little family unit.

About 18 pages of scans beneath the cut.

Brothers of the Blood )

In part three: another clone, ups and downs in Dredd's relationship with his niece, and some gloriously awkward family Christmases.
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Been collecting scans for this for a while, but the reappearance of a certain character in this week's Judge Dredd pushed me to get my act together and finally post.

Brothers of the Blood was the TPB collection that tipped me over the edge from a casual Dredd reader to a major fan. Since a lot of my love for it springs from the way it builds on decades of past continuity, I thought I'd collect some scans from earlier stories for context. Then I figured what the hell, collected the follow-up stories too, and the whole thing snowballed into an epic three part history of Dredd's relationship with his family of clones.

Around 17 pages of scans and a fair bit of waffle lie beneath the cut. (NB: these stories were mostly published in six page instalments, so two pages max from any individual prog.)

Brothers of the Blood: The Background )

In part two: two more clones join the family Dredd, and Vienna returns.
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Yep, three hundred monthly issues, twenty-five years of what can be called a niche product. Pretty amazing, actually.

Judgement Call )

By the by, if anyone has handy scans of the America storyline, that'd be interesting to see.

Also in this issue: "Lilly MacKenzie and the Mines of Charybdis", another of those hellworld stories the 2000 AD crew love so well--this one is an exposition chapter, with the action to start in #301.

"Armitage: The Unpleasantness at the Tontine Club": A murder mystery LARP goes horribly wrong when it turns out that someone has tricked people who aren't suicidal into signing up....

"Hondo City Justice": Like Judge Dredd, but in Japan. In addition to the killer schoolgirls in mini-skirts, there's a James Bond shoutout in the first couple of pages.

"Anderson: PSI Division: The House of Vyle": The popular Psi-Judge investigates weird goings-on in old Salem.

And a bunch of cool articles.

Oh, and it's a good thing I ordered this for my pull list--the FLCS was going to cancel it because nb one bought these things for the last few months.

Your thoughts and comments?

Suggested tags
char: Judge Dredd/Joe Dredd, creator: Colin MacNeil, creator: John Wagner, medium: British comics, publisher: Rebellion, theme: mpreg, title: Judge Dredd Megazine
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Borag Thungg, Earthlets! (And possibly a few undeclared aliens.)

One of the innovative steps Pat Mills took when helping create 2000 AD (also including hiring the Mighty Tharg as editor) was fixing the standard chapter length of stories at six pages. While this meant fewer serials per issue, it also allowed more space to tell stories than the standard three or four pagers favored by the traditional British weeklies. Check back a few pages to my Victor post to see the "wall of text" this induced in the more complicated stories.

What this means for us at Scans Daily is that two pages of any given chapter of a 2000 AD story can be posted here. Still a bit choppy, I'm afraid, can't be helped. I'll just hope that the pages I've chosen from these five chapters are zarjaz for my first DW SD post.

Some quick background on Judge Dredd for the three of you who are new here. In the dystopian future, a nuclear war and various ecological disasters have transformed the bulk of North America into a howling wilderness known as the Cursed Earth. Most of the remaining population is crammed into metroplexes called Mega-Cities. Mega-City One (formerly the East Coast) is a police state run by the Judges. The Judges were initially created as "super-cops" to deal with skyrocketing crime, but a series of disasters have left them as the only functioning government.

Judge Dredd himself is the best of the lot, who has been described as "tough but fair." While he serves an oppressive system and enforces its harsh, nay, draconian laws, Dredd tries to do the right thing within those parameters. He's not a nice man by any measuring stick, but he's an excellent Judge. For more deep background, see Wikipedia or TV Tropes.

Too bad the current administration doesn't see it that way... )

Your thoughts? Want more Thrill-Power? Let me know!


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