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Green Arrow

I've never been a Green Arrow fan. When I was a kid I was annoyed by his JLA membership. Most kids do not  understand subtleties so to me he was a boring Robin Hood/Batman concept. Those feeling did adjust as I matured, but never quite went away.

Until Justice #10

Supergirl is mind controlled and holding family and friends of the Justice League as hostages. Green Arrow & Black Canary are on a covert mission to take Supergirl down with a kryptonite arrow. Clayface is chasing them down so they haven't much time.

I love John Stewart's heroic bravado at the end. Green Arrow saves my favorite Green Lantern
so I guess now I'm a fan.
To be honest, I love the GA from the Brave & Bold animated series.

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I think you're exactly right, it seems very clear that Ollie delivered the ring to John. But there's definitely an arrowhead in one panel, and two panels before it seems to be sticking out of his chest.

"It's just a flesh wound!"

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And he's already wearing the ring as he's pulling the arrowhead out. I think these pages must be missing SOME sort of explanation because I can't see the logic here either.

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Always good to hear "not just you". :)

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haha, your icon is hilarious retro_nouveau
what's the context there?

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Ugh, I don't remember the post very well, but someone telepathic was messing with John's mind, so he decided to get wacky in return. After that it's all Lucy in the sky with diamonds, go ask Alice when she's ten feet tall stuff.