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I've never been a Green Arrow fan. When I was a kid I was annoyed by his JLA membership. Most kids do not  understand subtleties so to me he was a boring Robin Hood/Batman concept. Those feeling did adjust as I matured, but never quite went away.

Until Justice #10

Supergirl is mind controlled and holding family and friends of the Justice League as hostages. Green Arrow & Black Canary are on a covert mission to take Supergirl down with a kryptonite arrow. Clayface is chasing them down so they haven't much time.

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Video below the cut.

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To protect the artist, I've posted only a thumbnail. For the full sized picture in all it's awesomeness, please visit the original webpage here. Enjoy!
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Sci-Fi Channel series Eureka has a comic book now, preview over on CBR.

Among all the shout-outs from the cast and crew to the world of comics, the biggest secret-but-not-really is the character of Nathan Stark, who (by his own actor's admission, even) is pretty much a Tony Stark expy. If anything, it's even more blatant now that Eureka's Stark has appeared in comics form.

One page from the preview. )
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Promethea 12 was something of a watershed moment for the series. Previously, the series had been very well-written, with excellent art, but it was still "just" your standard superheroics. This issue is when we first realized that it was going to be something more.

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Greetings True Believers! The my recent post and Doug Ramsey/ Betsy Braddock inspired me to post another one of my favorite Betsy moments. The first fight she had with Sabertooth during the Mutant Massacre. It's a great fight and a great storyline. (Further evidence that X-Men achieved perfection in the 80's.) During the massacre Psylocke is new to the x-mansion and is trying to assist with the recovery efforts. She doesn't feel accepted by the X-Men yet and is worrying that she's not helping enough..... (These scans are from the Mutant Massacre TPB)

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Two pages rom Firebreather vol 1 #1, Phil Hester and Andy Kuhn.

Because I finally got my hands on this issue and wanted to share some more Duncan-cuteness.


Adorable little tyke, isn't he?

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Lots of images below the cut, so this is not safe for dialup.

Most of you who know me, at least in passing around here, know of my strong, unholy love for Victor “Anole” Borkowski. And some of you may remember the Anole megapost that [personal profile] bebopbeats did way back when, in the long ago days of Livejournal.

Of course, dear old Vic has had a lot more appearances since that post was created, and I feel perhaps the megapost is due for an update.

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In dealing with Golden Age stuff, where the stories are short and the page count is high, how many pages of a comic can we post? Let's say the story is 8 pages long, and the comic is, say, 60 or so?


Mar. 5th, 2009 06:40 pm
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Two recent Headtrip strips, posted because they made me giggle.

Y'know, I never posted this much back during the LJ days. Maybe this is a sign of something? Possibly that I've lost my mind...

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Three pages from #11 of Volume 1 of Runaways, showing that once upon a time, Takeshi Miyazawa drew Chase looking like a guy. This story arch was actually Miyazawa's first time doing the Runaways.

Again, apologies for the size of the scans. I continue to battle Photobucket on this.

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R.K. Milholland's Something Positive posted something that, oddly enough, fit the... problems... we've been having lately.

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