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This comic has cheered me up this week, so I thought I'd share.

If you're new to Excalibur, check out this excellent intro post. I think, though, that most of us are familiar with this joyously cracktacular romp across the '80s. This issue is from the period when Alan Davis was both writing and drawing, and it resolves the "Nightcrawler loves Meggan" subplot that had been smouldering since issue 1. But the thing I love most about this comic is that it answers the question: What does an exploding toilet sound like if you're Alan Davis?
Of course it does.
Seven pages out of 21 below )
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I figured we're all familiar with the happy-go-lucky, exuberant side of Nightcrawler by now, so I thought I would provide a little contrast by taking a look at some of the character's darker hours - some of them rarely talked about, but absolutely crucial to his development.

Kurt Wagner under the cut. )
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Here's the climax of EXCALIBUR #16, when the team was bouncing across parallel universes, like a proto-EXILES. I posted a page of this once before, as it involved the first (and only?) time Kitty Pryde ever killed someone.

All the Excalibur members have been separated from each other and lost their powers, and Kurt has just found out he may have mixed up his good guys and bad guys in this world.

suggested tags: char: captain britain/brian braddock, char: meggan, char: nightcrawler/kurt wagner, char: phoenix/marvel girl/rachel summers, char: shadowcat/kitty pryde, creator: chris claremont, creator: alan davis, group: excalibur, publisher: marvel comics, title: excalibur

Hey, that giant tentacle monster looks familiar )
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So as part of Excalibur Redux, I'm giving Excalibur a read. Here's some Nightcrawler awesomeness and other random love from the graphic novel that introduced the team, "The Sword Is Drawn". It's got absolutely beautiful Alan Davis art and that classic Claremont crack.

How cracky, you ask? Orgasm is a superpower.


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