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Phonogram - The Singles Club #4

Spending the evening in the DJ's booth tonight, with Seth Bingo and the Silent Girl.

Five and a third pages out of sixteen.

It's another club night under way! (well, the same one we've been seeing for the past few issues, but it's another one to them!)

(good heavens, the lady speaks!)

Let's open with a few requests!

Or not!

Things aren't quite picking up, though. People are not dancing like they should.
Only one thing to do.

(didn't have room for them dancing to the song, sorry)

But Seth still has unfinished business.

Doesn't quite go well for him.

Events conspire to further sour his mood, until finally culminating in one line.

But the night continues along.

What about "Silver", that'd pass the rules, wouldn't it? (joking of course, no one could possibly dance to "Silver")

Only one thing can restore order here!

well i guess that didn't backfire on him at all

Lucky for him, the Silent Girl's there to set him straight.

Having been ditched by Emily and KWK, Kohl ends up being recruited as pack mule for the pair as they pack up for the evening.

So, this one was a breather of sorts, but still a charming and amusing break from the other stories. And it is important to remember that sometimes you've just gotta shut up and dance.

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[personal profile] anewchallenger 2010-03-09 04:44 pm (UTC)(link)
Yeah, I love snappy, realistic dialogue and all so I've been reading these and tryyyyyyyyyyyying to get into them...

But these kids just aren't people I want to know. Granted variety is the spice of life... but here the whole cast is so "uppercrust white party kids," including Bitchy LeVinyl and Triana Orpheus here in the DJ booth.

Granted, I know that's what it's going for and they capture it immensely well... but if I'm looking for that scene, there's Barcode in downtown Taipei... I come here to get my geek on. Pass.