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Comic Book Resources: How much does the music aspect play a role -- is it a major component, or more in the background?

Fletcher: It informs the situation, but the situation, of course, involves a woman who is ex-military, and potentially the best martial artist on the planet. Trouble kind of follows her around. While they're trying to go on this tour, while they're trying to make the most of this unique opportunity that they've been given to have a record deal, and play all these shows, really they just end up in fights all the time, and people end up hurt. That's maybe a problem. It fuels the story.

Wu: What I have in mind, stylistically, music plays a big part in that. I look at a lot of gig posters and music videos; the theatrical aspect of being on stage, all that fun stuff. Hopefully our final product will have that feeling of a rock tour. Halftones and bold colors. That, plus, al the kung fu action and all that kind of stuff. Hopefully it'll be a really fun, vibrant, energetic final product.

Writer: Brenden Fletcher
Artist: Annie Wu

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In honor of what would have been John Lennon's 70th birthday today, here are scans from a Beatles biography comic book published by Dell in 1964. Jelly babies! Fake beards! John's one terrifying creepface!

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Spending the evening in the DJ's booth tonight, with Seth Bingo and the Silent Girl.

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If you've read Rue Britannia, tonight's cast may be more familiar to you.
Our host for the evening is Emily Aster, who "snipped away the bits [of herself] she didn't like and traded them for power."

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Memories are funny things. You'll never know what'll trigger them until it's too late.

Music is no exception. I'm sure many of us have cursed songs, I can tell you to this day what I was listening to when I got the news that my little brother died. No matter what kind of mood they intended to inspire, any time they come the memory'll crawl down your stomach and start kicking you from the inside.

But how much worse would it be for a phonomancer, when the emotional becomes the literal?
This is Marc's story.

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*No Magic

Meant to do this yesterday, but my internet's been giving me trouble.

The second series of Phonogram ended last month, and in that time I've absolutely fallen in love with it, so I figured I'd share. I'll try to showcase an issue each day, as the internet'll allow me.

So let's take it from the beginning.
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Being a comic book nerd, I collect a lot of comics. So much, that I can make Music videos of them. Using WindowsMovieMaker is bit hard, as it's a pain to deal with the problems, like how an entire Project-File can fail if the sources are gone, and  such. Here are the two I have so far.

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