Mar. 6th, 2010

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Greetings True Believers! I decided to do a REH mega-post. Why? Because he's awesome. I'm a devotee of his work and characters. His work has spawned entire universes and inspired generations of readers and writers.

The latest Dark Horse Conan series (Conan the Cimmerian, which is boss BTW.) has these great little cartoons in the letters page called, "The Adventures of Two-Gun Bob". They are stories about Howard's life, drawn from his letters, biographies and friends/lovers memories.

They are funny, sad, smart and thought-provoking. They show what scary-intense dude he was. Enjoy them by Crom!

Edit: Sadly, I must take down the strips. The creator has requested it. Still, look for them in Dark Horse's Conan the Cimmerian!

Suggested Tags: title: conan the cimmerian, publisher: dark horse, char: conan the barbarian

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Presenting a leaked scene from the recently announced forthcoming new Muppet movie; "The Muppet Wicker Man"

The entire photocomic is available for viewing here

Legality Muppet scan under the cut )
Warning, any damage this may do to your childhood memories of Sesame Street, The Muppet Show and/or the original Wicker Man is entirely your own fault!

tags: genre: parody, genre: newspaper strips, char: kermit the frog

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I thought this would be fun post to do and another opportunity for everyone to participate.

So last week my best friend and I were at a local comic book store and I spotted Adam Hughes's poster The Real Power Of The DC Universe:

This has always been one of my pieces because it showcases and celebrates arguably the most dominant female characters (and some of the most dominant characters period), and not to mention some of my all-time favorite characters in comics. What I always find interesting about that picture is that some of the characters showcased, I wouldn't have initially thought of as a major player in the DC Universe but when I pondered further, I realized that an argument could be made on the impact they've made on comics and even comic-related media (movies, cartoons, etc.).

This of course got me thinking about Marvel. If I had to choose 11 heroines, anti-heroines who have made the biggest splash and are the premiere power of the 616, who would they be?

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When you have a comic book, you don't have to pay actors as much, right?

So they brought back Oz.

Who lives in Tibet. In a monastery. And he has an awesome girlfriend named Bayarmaa, who is also a werewolf.

And Kelden. The baby:

Oz with the baby Kelden

That's adorable, isn't it? ADORABLE. Despite how weird they're drawn. Still adorable, dammit.

So you know what is actually even more adorable?

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When I first posted pages from CIVIL WAR FRONT LINE #9, the first conversation between Sally Floyd and Captain America, I mentioned how Cap looked like a blue version of the Flash. Now, in the DARKEST NIGHT crossover, we have the Flash as a Blue Lantern. Wild, huh?

073- Civil War Frontline #9 - Page 2

char: sally floyd, char: captain america/steve rodgers, series: civil war front line, creator: paul jenkins, creator: ramon bachs

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Memories are funny things. You'll never know what'll trigger them until it's too late.

Music is no exception. I'm sure many of us have cursed songs, I can tell you to this day what I was listening to when I got the news that my little brother died. No matter what kind of mood they intended to inspire, any time they come the memory'll crawl down your stomach and start kicking you from the inside.

But how much worse would it be for a phonomancer, when the emotional becomes the literal?
This is Marc's story.

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First up, something a little seasonal as we have another Monthly Celebration piece...

It's Timmy's worst nightmare, TERRY WITH A POWER RING!!!

And after that, it's family photo time, Batman and Sons style! )
tags: creator: the black cat, char: batman/bruce wayne, char: robin/nightwing/dick grayson, char; robin/red hood/jason todd, char: robin/red robin/tim drake, char: batman/terry mcginnis

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I don't have any specific information on these... other than the fact that I pulled them out of the two ancient Imageshack accounts I had for the first two years of me hanging around Scans Daily. So they're just random images, no context. Hope you don't mind. ;p

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So we're all comic fans, that's a given. We all love words and pictures together, but the question is, how did we discover that we loved them?

That's my question. I wanna know your story.

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Mar. 6th, 2010 09:47 pm
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I flipped through my random scans folder for all the ass I could find. Much of this was ganked right from the community, cropped, and re-uploaded. So thanks for all the t&a!

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Green Butt

Mar. 6th, 2010 11:22 pm
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Well, after reading some stuff from The Power of Ion, I found one panel which I could use to contribute with this week of Gratuitous Shots

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