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"Mutants sort of appear when they hit puberty, let's say, right? They appear at a certain, fairly predictable point in your life. If you aren't a mutant by the time you're whatever age, you probably aren't a mutant. But this Terrigenesis situation, you could be 90 years old and encounter some Terrigen Mist, and you could realize that you are an Inhuman, and your life could change from that point. So not everybody sees it the same way. Some people are just absolutely terrified and want to get out of the way. Some people see this as a possibility for their lives to change. So you have people who are seeking out the Terrigen Cloud, who are zipping towards it, falling on their knees with their hands outstretched, praying that they will actually have some Inhuman genetics in them so that they will change." -- Charles Soule

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"To clarify something: Inhuman doesn't really have a 'main' character. Folks come in and out of prominence. It's an ensemble piece. The main character of Inhuman is the Inhumans." -- Charles Soule

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When I joined Scans Daily, I had an entire plan to post this on Father's Day as my first post. And then I forgot. But better late then never so image heavy-ish post ahead.

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We've been discussing how "all new, all different" Iceman is going to be, and if Iceman is going to be similar to the Age of Apocalypse Iceman. But how powerful was the AoA Iceman, and was he *anything* like "our" Bobby Drake?
Well, no. As I've said, he's more like sentient ice. I don't even think he resumes human form at all during AOA.

Magneto quotes Yogi Berra!

Pages after the cut.

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Cosmic Book News has preview pages from "Avenging Spider-Man #2" featuring Joe Madureira pencils.

Looks good.

Check out a couple pages:

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Greetings True Believers!

I'm fulfilling a request from Badficwriter and others to see the outcome of Professor Xavier attempting to redeem Sabretooth.

Starwolf_oakley did a post about Professor Xavier taking Sabretooth in.

It brings up issues of "should heroes kill?" and "Crazy or evil?" and "did his powers make him this way or just make him worse?"

Anyway, enjoy!

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I don't have any specific information on these... other than the fact that I pulled them out of the two ancient Imageshack accounts I had for the first two years of me hanging around Scans Daily. So they're just random images, no context. Hope you don't mind. ;p

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The cover of this makes me chuckle. Greatest foe?

Suggested tags: char: Japeth / Maggot, title: Uncanny X-Men

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Title: Marvel Comics Presents - "Separate Allies" (Marvel, 1991, 8 pages)
Creators: Karl Bollers/Antonio Matias (writers), Joe Madureira (pencils)
Availability: Out of print

Another book that's in my collection only because it had Northstar in it. Instead of a cameo, he gets his own story dealing with the fallout both from his Olympic scandal and his days in the FLQ. Ambitious for a little eight-pager, and, keeping the limitation of length in mind, it doesn't come off too badly,

Also, context is for the weak:


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