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Chameleon Girl Primer part 1: Is it you, baby, or just a brilliant disguise?

Hello s_d! As promised back in my last Legion Lost post, here is a Chameleon Girl retrospective. Because this is gonna be too huge, I'm breaking it into two parts: pre- and post-Conspiracy. Second part will go up tomorrow if my computer cooperates. Images from Legion of Super-Heroes 288-305 in this part.

In this part we ask the eternal question, When is a Shrinking Violet not a Shrinking Violet? Is it when she suddenly starts entertaining advances from the guy who's had a crush on her forever? Or is it when she gets called out on same by her boyfriend of record?

Or is the answer...something far more sinister? dun dun DUNNNNN

pace Vic Sage, 'Obvious, in hindsight' )

So ends part 1 of our tale. I don't think it's much of an exaggeration to say this plot was the most interesting thing to happen to Shrinking Violet and/or Colossal Boy in years. Plus, it falls during my personal pick for Keith Giffen/Larry Mahlstedt art at the top of its game.

Next up, pretty much all of Yera's post-conspiracy appearances.
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Okay, I instantly LOVE the hook of "Collider"

Another from Newsarama, where they have an interview with Simon Oliver about his new Vertigo title, "Collider", creator of the "The Exterminators" (A series they say is popular, but I'm unfamiliar with, can anyone help?)

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The bad haircuts of Carol Danvers

Fans of Carol Danvers like her new Captain Marvel costume, but dislike her hair. But Carol has had stupid haircuts in the past.

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