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Spider-man/Daredevil: Crazy On You (the Remix!)

In 1992, 'Soul of the Hunter' graphic novel came out, to put Kraven's spirit to rest. Spider-man and Power Pack teamed up in a special edition to fight child abuse. And Daredevil teamed with Spider-man again in a UNICEF special edition.

Spider-man Special Edition: The Trial of Venom review is here. Written by He Who Must Not Be Scanned.

(After that there were umpteen miniseries of Venom.)

Jim Starlin's latest cosmic event, Infinity War, created evil, demonic dopplegangers of all the heroes. Spider-man's doppleganger would show up in Maximum Carnage as the 'baby' of Carnage's evil family. (And again, in the Carnage mini-series.)

Daredevil's doppleganger was killed..but would be resurrected by Calypso. (Because of this, it spoke with an incredibly heavy patois.) A blind demon called Hellspawn that could not be detected in any way by Matthew, it quested for a mcguffin that would allow it to take human form. Successfully! Unfortunately, that made it vulnerable and it was killed. Because it was Matt's doppleganger, it's human form looked exactly like him.

Carelessness by Ben Urich had led to Matt's identity being exposed. Feeling overwhelmed by his personal problems, he used the opportunity to fake his death, using the Hellspawn's dead corpse. Only the resurrected Elektra knew better.

1994. Daredevil 326. Writer: D.G. Chichester. Artists: Hector Collazo, Scott McDaniel.

A few people stand around Matt Murdock's grave. Mary Jane Parker isn't sure why they're there.

1994. Spider-man Unlimited 6, vol 1. Writer: Tom DeFalco. Artists: Ron Lim, Jim Sanders.

Black-and-red Daredevil cameos a reaction to an article about Spider-man's brutality.

This depiction of Kingpin is all wrong. At this time, he's down and out.

Things are getting worse for both men's personal lives. Harry Osborn has inflicted devastating personal attacks on Peter before committing apparent suicide. Another of his plots hatched after his death created robot duplicates of Peter's parents that tried to kill Peter, but were also destroyed--right after Peter decided he could love even robot duplicates. Also, a clone of him has shown up, Aunt May is in a coma, and Mary Jane has taken off to visit her family.

Unable to bear the pain in his heart, Peter convinces himself that the man must withdraw, and the Spider portion of his being must take over. The Spider is characterized by always wearing a costume, not bathing or shaving, no sense of humor, and brutal efficiency.

Meanwhile, Daredevil is pretending to be his own successor. His new persona is characterized by a mostly black and some red armored costume with a slight demonic look, more grittiness than usual, occasional gun use, and a collapsible bo stick. His brutality seemed about usual, IMHO.

1994. Spectacular Spider-man 218. Writers: Tom DeFalco, Todd DeZago. Artist: Sal Buscema.

Takes place about Daredevil 337, a period in that title I find just about unreadable. Peter's clone, Ben Reilly, is at this time running around in his slapdash Scarlet Spider costume.

Spider-man has been tracked down by Nocturne, a former police officer named Angela Cairn who was turned into an empathic bat-woman. She has been keeping the now-animalistic Puma company. Puma, driven by buried memories of shame, instinctively hates Spider-man, who willingly is surrendering his humanity to his atavistic Spider persona. Nocturne, despite her refusal to try to rejoin humanity, stubbornly tries to ease the pain of both men.

Uncertain why he is doing so, Peter follows Nocturne as she searches for Puma, who has run in shame because he struck Nocturne.

In the end, Nocturne forces Puma and Spider-man to experience each other's pain. It stops the fight, but more importantly, gives Puma the strength to turn human again. Nocturne leaves on her own, while Spider-man wonders if he should follow her path outside of humanity, or Puma, who is on the road back?

Amazing Spider-man 396 (7 and a half pages from a 23 page story) Writer: J.M.DeMatteis. Artists: Mark Bagley, Larry Mahlstedt.

Nu Daredevil is hunting the Owl (who is currently regretting past evils, but is being courted as a partner by youthanized Vulture).

Apparently, Peter decided to passively follow Nu Daredevil around for three days. Because the Spider loved Devils, you see..

Nu Matt tries to brush Peter off and ditch him..

Their heights are off there, Matt is much taller than Peter.

The ease with which Peter--the screamingly paranoid Peter--gave away his secret identity is telling. Not only was Peter sure that this was Matt--Peter was terrified of losing one more person in his life. This is Peter at his most clingy and stubborn.

Matt takes Peter to Matt's fake grave. He rants about the problems being Murdock must have had (he's very knowledgable) and insists that Peter must also kill himself and forget the man ever existed. He leaves, presumably to let the Spider get to it.

But Peter is clingy.

They team up and find the Owl and Vulture. Peter is infected by one of the Vulture's infected birds.

Spectacular Spider-man 219. Writers: Tom DeFalco, Todd DeZago. Artists: Sal Buscema, Scott Hanna.

This issue is not near as good as the previous, so just a few bits.

Peter is delirious while he's held by Daredevil.

Spider-man struggles manfully to mobility, and takes Daredevil to his place, though he's not in the mood for banter.

They follow Spider-man's tracer to their foes.

The plot twists again as the antidote turns out to be a fake. Faced with mortality, Peter realizes what really IS important to him and finally goes back home to face his family.

Daredevil has his own crisis, complete with multiple personality disorder, but when found by Karen and Foggy, manages to get through it to a mental equilibrium.

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Love how Daredevil's Super-senstive fingers can read th epaper... when he is wearing gloves!

I kinda love-hate this art sequence in this book. Most the Marvel books are super serious looking or anime-eque, and it seems ages since we had a Batman The Animated Series or Gargoyles like artsyle for the main stream comics...
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Most of it's ok, but Spider-man's huge eyes are freaking me out.