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Men calling themselves the Blackhawks were on Batman's heels.

They'd followed him to Alaska and Mr. Freeze.

They'd met him in Nevada, with Poison Ivy.

They were before him in Mississippi, in front of the Mad Hatter.

He fought them off and went to confront the Hatter, thinking about the first time he'd met him.

' That day by your office, you shook his hand and told him no. You had no time for it then.. '

(Duke was taken by the seeming Blackhawks.

The patch's Freeze's world-consuming spore. What halted it came from Ivy's work.)

Batman grabbed the Hatter, whom he knew was the source of the apparent Blackhawks' technology.

The Hatter giggled at Batman's inference that he was consequently behind the death patch.

Batman growled. His fists tightened. He threw a punch.

The Hatter caught it.

" There's someone else behind this one, my friend. Really..

" .. and that someone.. is you. "

He brought up that long-ago meeting with Bruce Wayne, where he'd pitched a hat that would let its wearer " Skin the world how [they wanted]! " and been rejected because of its possible long-term side effects.

Batman pointed out that he'd set explosives up all over the place, and that if the Hatter didn't want it blown to hell, he'd better talk.

The Hatter pulled what seemed to be Bruce Wayne's old cap from behind his back.

Batman threw it aside.

' He's tricking you. Ignore him. He's trying to get inside your..

' .. head? '

(The phrase's from chapter seven.)

Batman asserted his reality.

The Hatter asserted his: Batman was Bruce Wayne's mind gone.

All that he was fighting against were people trying to help, cast into Wonderland roles- a back-breaking Jabberwocky, a heart-stealing Cheshire Cat, a capricious King and Queen of Hearts, a riddling Caterpillar-

He denied that.

The Hatter told Batman that if he set off the bombs he'd set up, he'd wake up to reality.

If he didn't, he wouldn't.

He heard the Hatter's voice in his ears and listened to his own in his head.

He closed his eyes.

He detonated his bombs.

' .. the party is over. '

The men wearing the Blackhawks' insignia fled.

The Hatter screamed that Batman would never know the truth now.

The Batman hurtled the both of them through a window, ' [reminding] him of something..

' A last ugly truth. '

(Pencils're Giuseppe Camuncoli. Inking, coloring, and lettering's Mark Morales, Dean White, and Steve Wands.

Pagecount's 5 of 22 from All-Star Batman #8.)
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While I'm not sure how to think about most of this...

The "I let him tell Aquaman" line is brilliant.

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lately i see Watchmen in every 9 panel grid.