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Gordon and another Non-Bat Hero

Found one more (very brief) example of Gordon and Non-Bat Hero Interaction (Also, includes Bat Hero)

Aaaaaaaaand that's the extent of their interaction.

Plus a one-page Jim Gordon Mystery:Whodunit! For You to solve. If you can!* (Warning: Stop after the second row if you want to try:)

*I couldn't, but I didn't really try. My eyes went straight to the lady's "WHAAA?" panel.

tags: batman/bruce wayne, char: jim gordon, char: karate kid/val armorr, title: detective comics, title: the brave and the bold, creator: bob rozakis, creator: joe staton, creator: mike barr, creator: rick hoberg, publisher: dc, era: bronze age

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It's probably an attempt to humorously refer to "Crisco" as in the Crisco Kid.

Too bad, the real character is fondly remembered by fans of Westerns. And there aren't many outright Hispanic heroes, the Kid and Zorro being almost unique from that era.