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Legends from Darkwood pt 4: The Unicorn's Revenge

Last part of the Legends from Darkwood post series, I ended with a teaser that next time, I'd show the Unicorn's side of this, and that's where we'll begin, with the last post of the series.

One of the Unicorns has had enough, and taken the situation into his own hooves. Not just to kill a single human, no, but for a greater purpose.

And to clarify, Andrew didn't just find out about this deal, he knew about the legend when he set off, he merely didn't know it was offered to many of the forest as well. So it's not like he ate a dude for the heck of it.

Andrew's in kind of bad shape, because his digestive system isn't really designed for this kind of thing, but to gain the Man-Creature's power in a pact with an ancient demon, whattya gonna do?

The demon is a shadow of it's word, and offers to bestow upon him three traits of humans to fuel his revenge. To begin with, the ability to understand the list of traits of humans to fuel his revenge.

For third, 'omnivorous diet.' That whole "digestive system isn't designed for this" thing again, it wouldn't do for him to keel over from meat poisoning.

Man-cre- ... er, humans? I think things just got real.

Not that everyone's disappointed to see him.

Oh yes, things got real.

So, how does 'the Raynd de-virgining plan' go? How does the confrontation between Andrew and Raynd go down, and can Rose do anything to stop them? Does Raccoon Girl skip town in time, and does she even have any more lines? (I'll answer the last one: It's yes) What's the deal with Ira, is a reporter for a culinary magazine who goes to interview Mayor Moore about the unicorn hunting business and find out about Raynd's past? (Answer: He's a fairly major character, but I ended out cutting him entirely from my recaps :)) And:

What kind of deal could those three strike?!

Sorry, it's only a 4-issue story, and I'm not going to spoil everything :)

I will leave with a parting gift, a pair of pictures that have nothing to do with the plot, main characters with retro wheels.

Scans from Legends from Darkwood, 1 from #2, 2 from #3, and 6 from #4, 32 page issues.

part 1
part 2
part 3

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Well he should have gone for the power of opposable thumbs!