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The Flash - Secret Files and Origins #1

Tags: Publisher: DC Comics,char: flash/barry allen,char: flash/jay garrick,char: flash/kid flash/wally west,char: impulse/kid flash/bart allen,

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Off-topic question related to this issue. The info on Captain Boomerang in the issue was blacked out. Does anyone know if this was a case where Secret File and Origins was supposed to ship prior to Digger's return in Blackest Night 8 and they didn't want to spoil the surprise, or is there supposed to be something more to this Boomer than meets the eye, something like a merging of Digger and Owen? He was identified as Digger, but he's much younger than Digger and the costume is more like Owen's.
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Hard to tell in truth. I think originally the issue (Flash) was supposed to ship the week of Blackest Night.
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Easiest way to tell is by whether the DC Nation in the back matches the other comics from this week.

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I don't think so--remember Flash is going to have the Brightest Day banner--it wouldn't work to have both Blackest Night and Brightest Day books at the same time.